file Triton 3- how to drive them

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Andyj36 Posted 9 years 9 months ago
Howdy all, about to buy a pair of 3's and a supersat 50 for the center but was curious how people are driving the speakers on a bit of a budget?

My local dealer likes a NAD 757 for $1200. Sounds great but the receiver is a bit feature poor.

Was wondering if folks are using some normal receivers ( 400-600 range) and getting good results. I don't want to make these great speaker sound like junk but a few dollars saved lets me buy other things.

My application is 90% movies in a home theatre system. I want things to blow up and sound good. I won't be listening to classical string music for hours on end. On the other side the room is12x14 and mt ear drums will destroyed before the cops show up.
I could go on but what do you guys/gals think?

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MOBrien Posted 9 years 9 months ago
I have a pair of Triton 2's (L&R), a SuperSat 60c (Center) and a pair of SuperSat 3's (Surround). I was driving them with a Denon 3312. They sounded great. I purchased the Denon last year as an open box buy for $600. Look around for last years models on clearance or an open box buy. There are also some liquidator web site like I have never purchased anything from them, but I have a friend that did.You may even consider a used receiver.
I just recently upgraded to a Emotive XPA-5 amp. It made a big difference. I'm still using the Denon as the processor. In my opinion the biggest downfall to mid priced receivers is the amp section. The power ratings are rarely done with all channels driven. For budget minded audiophiles I'm a big fan of mating a mid priced receiver mated to a audiophile grade amp (just make sure the receiver has pre amp outs for all channels). This allows you to purchase a lower priced receiver, as you do not care about the amp power built into the receiver. Take a look at the Emotiva's amps, UPA-700 (on sale at $429) or a UPA-500 (on sale for $359). If you are not familier with Emotiva, they are a company a lot like GoldenEar. They produce products that sound much more expensive than their cost. They focus on sound quality not bells and whistles.

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