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twotooneadam12 Posted 11 years 4 months ago
Here is my review of these speakers as seen on

Triton II

Superb sounding speaker under 3K. 1200 watt sub-woofer in each speaker, helps eliminate need for a box sub. Bass is tight and accurate. Easy assembly and hook-up. Ribbon Tweeter.

60-100 hour break in period, but that is minor.

It was but one year ago when Sandy Gross, a well-known loudspeaker designer who was instrumental in building such well-known brands such as Polk Audio and Definitive Audio, launched his new venture - the appropriately named GoldenEar Technology.

For this review i thought i would take you through my incredible journey through the break in period with these outstanding speakers.

I have just calibrated the Goldenear Triton II's and the sound is phenomenal. The soundstage is wide and at the same time you would think the singer is right in front of you performing. The bass these speakers put out gets better with time. I only have 5 hours on them, they get better everytime i listen to them. The break in is 100 hours. Recommended by store staff. Makes you want to discover your music all over again.

They are the most accurate sounding speaker i have heard. Before i bought them i spent 3 hours with them in store. Ran off a disc of songs i was very familiar with, and listened. I took everything from acoustical to dance.

These are speakers that according to sound as good as speakers costing $24K. Sound and Vision gave them product of the year award and mentions that they can give $50K speakers a run. I wouldn't have believed it until i got in some time with them in store and finally in my living room.

I have spent my 7th hour with the tritons and supersat 50. The sub in the tritons lit up tonight. The sub is amazingly accurate. Operates very tightly and cleanly. My dad got the forcefield 4 and a new onkyo tx-nr 809, which are an awesome combo. The ff4 is very similar to the tritons sub, just bigger. The tritons operate during bass lines tight. No extended booming. In Aerosmiths song "Dream On" the scale in the bass licks is well defined. Never heard that with my paradigm reference speakers.

Have spent 60 hours with these babies. The longer i use them the better they sound. I like bass and at the one o'clock position they shake the room. I am extatic about these speakers. Anyone reading, if you are considering new speakers, these are phenominal. These speakers can compete with Paradigm S series and hold their own. Sound and vision magazine says they can hold there own against speakers costing 50K in the February - March 2011 issue pg 30 and has given them the coveted SV 2010 editors choice award.

Tokyo drift from the fast and furious series will shake the room with the low bass and fill it with the car sounds like the cars were in your living room. I have never heard fidelity of this caliber.

I was a pardigm loyal guy for the last 10 years. Now i feel that paradigm has overpriced their speakers.

I want to thank Sandy Gross and his team for making a speaker that is better than the competition and priced at a point that is just right. I highly recommend these speakers, they are money well spent for years of enjoyment. Please feel free to browse their unboxing in my gallery. As of Sept 20th, 2011 there aren't any pictures of the Triton speakers

SuperSat 50

Superb sound, little footprint, easily wall mountable. Can be used as Center or as a Surround System.

none, have a listen to them

I bought the Supersat 50 to go with my purchase of the Triton II's. I always thought a giant full range center speaker was needed. Then i found out that it isn't.

The SS 50 can be purchased as a 'C' model for center or in a non 'C' model as separates.

I am reviewing this as a center channel. Be aware that the SS 50 can be bought separately and used in an entire surround system. Pair it with a Forcefield 4 sub (10 inch/1200watt 14 hz) or the upcoming Forcefield 5 (12 inch/1500 watt 12hz) and you will have one killer system.

While the SS 50 doesn't reproduce the lowest registers by itself, the Triton II's already have a great solution to help : twin powered subwoofers. When you set up a Triton II system the Tritons do the 'bulk' and handle the center channel bass information. Set the Tritons to LARGE, the SuperSat 50C center channel to SMALL (120 Hz crossover, which will allow the 50C to play as loud as the Tritons), and the Subwoofer to NONE, the receiver/processor will take care of directing the center channel bass information (which is mono) to the left and right main Triton speakers. My two Tritons allow the center channel bass to appear as though it comes from right between them. The SS 50C center channel will have great dynamic range and will sound like a BIG, full-size, full-range speaker, but in a small footprint.

The SuperSat 50C is designed to produce the same spectral response as the Triton Two with the same tonal balance from the lower midrange through to the top end. Although the SuperSat 50C speaker is designed to look very small, the drivers have been optimized to have very similar acoustic characteristics and output to the Triton Two Tower drivers.

In performance (timbre, dispersion characteristics, and output levels) Triton II's and SuperSat 50C were made to compliment each other.

I finished the break-in period of 100 hours and i am loving this speaker as much as my Triton's. I was playing Adele's "Turning Tables" and the SS 50 (with the help of the T2's) made her sound like she was silouetteing me and only me. It almost moved me to tears. They sound that good.

Between the Triton II's and the Supersat 50 i have never had an electronics purchase evoke such raw emotion out of me.

I can say this that if you don't give these speakers a chance? You are missing out on a speaker that is truly sonically passionate.

Movies sound so much clearer than ever before. Dialog is more pronounced even during quiet scenes.

Sandy Gross and team you have truly brought the high-end to the common man. Thank-you for making a product that is truly amazing!

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emidalla76 Posted 11 years 4 months ago
Very passionate review, mate! :woohoo:

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