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Hi. I have a pair of Triton Ones, and when I watched a movie the other day I noticed a problem: The driver at the bottom of the front rattles when...
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file Today's humor
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Triton 5 s for mid bass slam, or some sort of sub ( mid bass is not in LFE range I understand)? Thinking of something in the 50 to 90 hz range?
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file Triton 1 no bass
I have a pair of Triton 1 as rear channels. I also have a Triton Ref as front L/R. Due to virus I had time to switch my room up and do some...
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Looking for a pair of Invisa SPS
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Hi I own an older Denon AVR (3805) Pre HDMI . Using Triton 3+ and XL Center ....... I would love to upgrade to a Marantz SR7013 but wondering is it...
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As you know, I took delivery of the Triton Reference speakers the third week of July. I was driving them with an Odyssey Stratos 150wpc Extreme amp...
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I have T5s with a SC XL and Dual FF4s. My question is will the Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 3 be enough power or will the XPA-DR3 be a better choice? And i am...
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Hello All. I'm a new member as of 15 minutes ago and am looking forward to soon participating in the GE experience! We are rebuilding a new house...
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Hi All, I recently purchased a pair of the Triton 2+'s and a SuperCenter Reference for my basement, which isn't overly large. I am looking to add rear...
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Hello, I'm Weerapat from Thailand. Sorry for my poor English in advance. I just bought a pair of Triton 2 last week. When I first turn it on with...
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Is it possible to avoid subwoofer amps turning off after not beign used? I would like to find a way to keep them on all the time.
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This may seem like an odd question, but here goes. For my home theater setup I currently have T1s and a super center XL in front. T2s as surrounds,...
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Hi, I was using a Marantz AV7705 with my Emotiva Amps for my T-refs Speakers in my Cinema, until the Marantz Quit on me. I was thinking of getting...
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I just bought some TRefs last week that I absolutely LOVE! But, in listening to some songs, I came across a few surprises. In the song Everloving,...
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I need one of the stands that came in the box with the Supersat 3 speakers. I know many of you put them on floor stands and wall mount them, so if...
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Hi there, Unfortunately I just purchased what I thought were used SuperSat 3s that turned out to be SuperSat 3Cs. Can I use these as rear surrounds...
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Just saw this on Looks awesome. GoldenEar has announced that it will be giving demos of its new Bookshelf Reference X (BRX)...
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