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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Hi: I just picked up a pair of the T-Refs. I purchased the Triton Ones in October of 2017, new. I have all materials associated with the new Triton...
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Hi Wayne, Rick, Anthem, Charlie, et al: After having lived for almost 22 years in Johnson City, TN, we may be moving to Raleigh, NC. The house next...
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Hi, Under warranty my dealer has replaced the plate amps on each speaker. One already twice. I run the speakers through power conditioning but the...
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Currently have two Supersat 50's for L/R and am looking to add a center channel. Seems like there's not much of a difference between the 60C and...
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Hello, I have the Triton 2 plus speakers and just purchased the Marantz 7012 receiver. I was wondering if I need an Amp? I am very new at this. I will...
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Hi y'all, So, I just came to the conclusion that I need to get a separate dac/amp setup for my 2-channel listening. I prefer not to have to try out...
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Been interested in becoming a GE owner but have been wondering about a speaker between the T1 and T Ref given the new tech and price differential. I...
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Hi to all my fellow Goldenear Peeps! Question, has anyone tried these Gaia isolation feet or something similar with their Tritons? Saw some reviews...
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Hello fellow GE lovers, I just got an Anthem MRX 520 to replace my NAD T775 that had crapped out, and the sound isn't as good w/ and w/o ARC, and I...
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I securely shipped a pair of Triton Ones to a friend via FedEx Ground using original Goldenear boxes and packaging. While the outside cardboard and...
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file Today's humor
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I am selling my SuperSat3's and ForceField 4 system. Original owner and am selling due to moving into a larger home with the opportunity to build a...
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Hi! I'm in the process of building a media room in an old underground garage. Main focus will be in music but there will eventually be a full home...
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For Sale Triton 7's. Original owner. Non smoking house. No pets ever. Always treated with TLC. 5 years old. Do not have original boxes. Pick up only...
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Maybe a new thread? Moderator Dude, what do you think? I just finished watching my third ATMOS encoded DVD, "San Andreas" I've now watched 3 ATMOS...
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Since there can be all kinds of mixes of equipment and not all do work for the best, i want to recommend whats works magical as a combo for equipment:...
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heart Power Cords
Hi, all Thanks to Anthem and Dilettante for weighing in on this subject .Since then I have been pondering why power cords would make such a...
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I would like to know at what point would an amplifier of, say, more than 100w/ch be recommended for a pair of Triton 2s. I own a pair os T2s. I...
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I am selling my SuperSat 50C and the ForceField 4 I used with it. These have been used for 3 1/2 years and have served me well, but we have moved...
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