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I would like some advice for a 3 channel amp. My system: GE Triton One.R fronts, Reference center, SS50 surrounds, Triton Two rear surrounds, HTR...
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As the title says, what does Golden Ear recommend on Cleaning the black liquor finish on the Triton Refs? I have been wiping very carefully with a...
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Is GoldenEar Technology at the show this year?
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heart Power Cords
Hi, all Thanks to Anthem and Dilettante for weighing in on this subject .Since then I have been pondering why power cords would make such a...
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I recently moved into a new house that already has a built-in system. I am selling my full system from my previous house. Everything is in excellent...
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HI Gang, Three items: 1. We completed our move from Johnson City to Raleigh at the end of May. Still settling in. Moved to be with our daughter...
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I am in receipt of the Golden Ear instructions "Triton Reference Grille Removal and Re-Installation Instructions" but have not availed myself of...
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Selling my Triton One pair and SuperCenter XL speakers. I bought these new from authorized dealer and have treated them kindly but have to downsize my...
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Hey all, I’m new to the group. Waiting for the installation on T2+’s, xlcenter and two Invisa 700. Thinking of adding two more 700’s. Will this...
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Just wanted to provide a little background information and some photos re: my initial post from last week, long time GET owner, originally of T2's...
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2 Triton Ones 2 Triton Seven 1 Super Center XL 2 Aeon 3 Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire (100 Feet, White) - Free with purchase Sony...
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2 Triton Ones 2 Triton Seven 1 Super Center XL 2 Aeon 3 4 Polk ceiling speakers (there were originally $120 each) Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor...
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In regards to the goldenear 1 r's and Reference speakers. It seems to me from what I read, bass aside, that the triton r 1's are at least 95 perecent...
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Hello all! I am building out a potential 5.1.4 media room/home theater suite that will be mostly home theater (85%) usage. Very few "blow out the...
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Moderator, For years, I've been happy with an XXL Supercenter and Triton ones with Supersat 60's as surrounds. All had been room corrected with ARC 2...
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I now have for sale 2 SuperSat 3's (L/R) with stands, 1 SuperSat 3 (center) and a FF4 sub. All of these are in excellent condition and come from a...
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Hi Guys. I recently demoed a pair of triton 3+’s to replace my 7’s as mains. I loved everything I heard about the 3’s and as soon as I have the...
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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I have a pair of Triton Ones and am considering adding a GE subwoofer. I have a Peachtree Nova 300 plenty of power. Any thoughts?
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Hi Gang, I have encountered a weird problem. While playing a recording from my computer (Lossless FLAC file) at a reasonably loud volume setting, I...
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