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Hello everyone. I am the happy owner of a pair SuperSat 3 speakers. They are driven by a Marantz SR1100. This receiver is on the low end of driver...
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I have a pair of Triton 3 speakers that are in mint condition. I rate them a 9.5 to 10. And, I do have the original boxes and manual. These speakers...
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Hello Goldenear, I have had the Triton 3 for the last 4 years, and have loved them since. However one of my speakers has started cracking/crackling....
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Hi, I currently have the Triton 3+ and am considering upgrading to the 2+. I have 1 main concern. I’ve heard that the 3+ is more forgiving in...
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I have recently bought a pair of Triton 2 plus in the US which uses the 120v version. I have also recently accepted a position in Switzerland which...
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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I'm a newb here and was wondering if and what is break-in time for a new pair of 1Rs, they sound great out of the box. I'm using a Primaluna Evo 400i...
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Selling my Triton One pair and SuperCenter XL speakers. I bought these new from authorized dealer and have treated them kindly but have to downsize my...
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Excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Bought from authorized dealer about 6 years ago. Was center of Av system, with Aon 3s and super sub, but...
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I've been happy using my tritons as my primary subwoofers for my home theater. However, I'd like to add some additional subs in while still keeping...
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Looking to purchase a Supersub XXL to go with my Triton 1's. Willing to drive a fair distance or pay for shipping. Please contact me!
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Looking to downsize and am selling my supersub xxl which I’ve had tremendous fun with. Almost 6 months old pristine immaculate condition with very...
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Hi Gang, I am having an interesting intermittent issue with my Cambridge 851A Stereo Amplifier. This problem normally occurs when I turn the unit...
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Hey guys, finally pulled the trigger on Triton ref :). Also ordered PrimaLuna EVO300 to power them and now looking for advise on a good streamer and...
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GoldenEar SuperSat 3 Speakers and Forcefield 3 Subwoofer • 1 x SuperSat 3C On-Wall/On-Shelf Center (Horizontal Mount) Satellite Speaker...
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Hello All (and Sandy): I just purchased a pair of Aon2 s and have been BLOWN AWAY by what they do. After having owned several Magnepans, and being...
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Hi, I read the user manual for my new XL but it's a little confusing as to what I need to buy to wall mount my soundbar. Can you please clarify what I...
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Hi, I currently have the Triton 3+ and am considering upgrading to the 2+. I have 1 main concern. I’ve heard that the 3+ is more forgiving in...
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Hi everyone, have enjoyed my goldenear system for around 2 years and due to new baby coming I'm going to downsize my living room setup. I have this...
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