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FOR SALE $1000.00/pair My lightly used GoldenEar Triton Seven Tower Speakers. They are in excellent condition and have been in a pet and smoke free...
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Have been interested in the 1.R for awhile now... However, there seems to be several posts in various forums on the Internet stating that the amps...
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file Currently playing
So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Hello, I have a problem with a Triton Two Tower. I have noticed that after activating the built-in amplifier with an input signal, a high-frequency...
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file T-One.R Theatre
Yes...I'm Canadian, so theatre is spelled right! After many years of wanting a Trition 2, then a Triton 1, then a Triton 2+, then a Triton Reference...
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I have two questions about speaker setup before running Dirac. System (5.1.4): Invisa SPS x2 and SuperCenter reference in the front, Invisa MPX x2 in...
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I'm selling my Emotiva ERC-3 CD player. It's in exactly perfect condition. Includes remote, manual, power cord, original carton/packaging and receipt...
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Hi, I have recently purchased the Goldenear Forcefield 30 I am very happy with it! I am in the process of integrating it with the main speakers and...
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Guys, "Currently Playing" has gotten to 500 pages and has trouble loading more. Bro Anthem's wildly successful post has out done itself. So I will...
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How do these compare? Will be adding one of them to my Triton 1R’s and Forcefield 5. With the Supersub X on sale the price is very close. Anyone...
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file Anthem AVM70
Hi, I recently got a Anthem AVM 70 and using with below GE speakers. For some reason the sound quality not good at all after the ARC. i am not sure...
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Unquestionably, your own personal hearing acuity is the number one factor in how you interpret sound. Highly recommending this to the group. Besides...
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I loved my T1's but decided to do the R1s. I am not happy with the R1s the highs and mids are good but the bass is gone. Songs that use to be punchy...
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