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The Triton Refernce has as auto on feature that is supposed to power up the speakers when it gets a signal and auto power off after about 25 minutes...
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Hello friends, Let me just say quickly I'm a super happy and satisfied owner of the triton 1 r's. It's great to have speakers and not have the itch to...
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heart Power Cords
Hi, all Thanks to Anthem and Dilettante for weighing in on this subject .Since then I have been pondering why power cords would make such a...
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file Repairing a 650
Last year, I bought a 650 at a garage sale in the Panhandle of Florida. I installed it as part of a 5.1.2 system I installed last Fall and never ran...
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file FS: Triton Reference
We all know what they are! Non-smoking. 9/10 condition - I would say 10/10 buy that is reserved for new only. $5900 + Shipping and Paypal fee.
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file Currently playing
So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Currently using an Anthem MRX720 with Triton 5s, SuperCenter X, and SuperSat 3s... and klipsch r10sw. The sub left over from an older system and is...
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Hi all, I have been running triton 3+’s as my mains for about a year and a half now, and they’ve been paired with a forcefield 5 sub since day...
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I am going to hang my TV on the wall. I would like to mount the Supercinema 3D Array X under the TV but angling slightly down at the same angle as...
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Looking to downsize and am selling my supersub xxl which I’ve had tremendous fun with. Almost 6 months old pristine immaculate condition with very...
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Hi Gang, I am having an interesting intermittent issue with my Cambridge 851A Stereo Amplifier. This problem normally occurs when I turn the unit...
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Is there any plan to upgrade the Aon 3 with the new crossover treatment and drivers that the Triton Two+ and Triton Tree+ got?
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file Today's humor
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I bought these for a very specific application less than 4 years ago but we have since moved and I’m now upgrading. Fantastic for minimalist or...
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Hello to everyone. First of all I have to say that I love the Triton Ones. I love them so much that yesterday I ordered two more pairs to make a...
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Hi everyone, just got a pair of T2 over the weekend and looking for some advise. One of the speaker's green light kept blinking continuously with no...
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Hi Gang: My Cambridge 851A Stereo Amp has "A" and "B" speaker taps and can be run as "A" only, "B" only or "AB" together. The amp's instructions...
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