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Hello ! I decided to sell my t-ref The speakers is like new about 8 months Old I am the original owner and do have all the packaging materials I...
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Guys, "Currently Playing" has gotten to 500 pages and has trouble loading more. Bro Anthem's wildly successful post has out done itself. So I will...
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Hello, I was planning to install in ceiling speakers for the Atmos channels but I’m having issues with tight installation spaces (some has depth of...
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Hi What Amplifier do you recommend for a pair of Triton One ???
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Seeking advice/opinions from any T Ref owner who has removed the front grill (for whatever reason). I have the golden ear instructions as to how to...
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file Today's humor
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Hi Guys, I have owned a Tube Amp before, and while I loved the 'Thick' sound, the bass was not tight and that a big no-no for me. The GE Bass slap...
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Looking to purchase a Supersub XXL to go with my Triton 1's. Willing to drive a fair distance or pay for shipping. Please contact me!
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looking for a pair of used or new Triton References in the Jersey area, I can travel 150 miles. Thanks in advance. What's the price of a new pair by...
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I recently bought a pair of TRITON Ones & it was love at first listen & now the upgrade bug is hitting me hard to go for a used pair of the Triton...
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Man I love the ones wonder how much better is the Triton References are to the Ones ?.. Would the extra 2ks would make a major difference or justifiable ?.
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I am building a 5.1.4 ATMOS setup with the SuerCinema XL upfront, 4x 650 for Heights and HTR7000 for rear surround. I have 10' ceilings and by my math...
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file Currently playing
So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Hi all, I have been into home theater for quite some time but it has been a long time since I have changed anything up. My wife would like a more...
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Have 3 BRX that will be sitting on vti rf stands but unsure how to use the blu tack. Do I remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the BRX?
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Greetings I’m new to the sound community. I’m looking to sell my gently use, like new pair of of Triton 1 speakers. I need bookshelf speaker.
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Looking for a pair of used BRXs
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Hi guys I'm based in Sydney, Australia and own a pair of Triton 2 towers as my main left and right speakers in a 5.0 system. (the original Triton 2,...
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I found a deal where I couldn't pass up on a well kept & cared for super beautiful pair of Triton ones .
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A new GoldenEar speaker coming soon! Happened to run across this on the GEt Home page.... Some details on the product page. Would love to hear it!!!! Rick
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