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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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The says "ForceField subs all have speaker-level inputs and outputs (with a high pass crossover on the outputs)". However, when I read (which is...
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Guys, "Currently Playing" has gotten to 500 pages and has trouble loading more. Bro Anthem's wildly successful post has out done itself. So I will...
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I do find the current bass levels to be excellent, but subs like the Kef KC62 are getting great reviews and seem to go a couple of db lower... --Peter
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According to the pricing, the BRX should be "better" in some way. Seems unlikely though given that the 3+ seems to use a lot of the same technology...
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I've been happy using my tritons as my primary subwoofers for my home theater. However, I'd like to add some additional subs in while still keeping...
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file Today's humor
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I have a pair Triton 7s for sale I rate them 8/10 [Audiogone scale] .No boxes can't ship them local pick only . Make a reasonable offer .
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Quick review of Gaia ii on new old stock Trition 2. Had the speaker over a month now, and finally got around to install Gaia ii. Isoacoustics said...
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file Gaia Isolation Feet
Hi to all my fellow Goldenear Peeps! Question, has anyone tried these Gaia isolation feet or something similar with their Tritons? Saw some reviews...
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Hi, I purchased the Iso Acoustics Gaia III's from Amazon for me Triton 2+'s. Do I need an adapter to fit them? The Iso Acoustics product selector...
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My personal favorites: Telegram Youtube Music Amazon app store (heavy tracking, but I like to have an official way to get some proprietary apps)...
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Hi, I'm new here. I just bought floor models of the triton 2+ as my first pair of nice speakers and I need to buy a receiver for them. I'm hoping to...
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Slowly getting my room up to speed.
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Speakers GoldenEar Triton 2 (pair) - $1600 GoldenEar SuperCenter XL - $650 These are absolutely fantastic full sounding tower speakers. If you are...
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Atmos for the home has arrived to rave reviews, and after our own first experience, we couldn't agree more. This is the most significant new surround...
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Hello! Do the back boxes on the SPS can improve sound or are they just to limit sound transmission? I have 10" behind the speakers which are filled...
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What is the best use of 13 channels? I can go 9.1.4 or 7.1.6. The room is 12x20. Seating is about 3 feet from the rear wall. If I pull the seating...
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I'm curious what brand/quality of components are used in the crossover. Years ago I was a Klipsch owner and it was common to upgrade the capacitors,...
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I'm selling my pair of Triton Two towers. I have the original boxes and they were purchased at an authorized dealer. $1200 I'm located in Watertown,...
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