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file Today's humor
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Hello friends, Let me just say quickly I'm a super happy and satisfied owner of the triton 1 r's. It's great to have speakers and not have the itch to...
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Well I am finally officially part of the GolderEar community! I have wanted to buy GoldenEar speakers ever since I first read a review of the Triton...
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Hello I'm about 60 hours into breaking-in the Triton 3+, or as a dealer described them to me as the ugly stepchild of the Triton's. (I could not...
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Hi, Newbie to the forum but long-time GE customer and fan. I just completed the installation of ten 650s as part of a whole-home audio upgrade and...
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Thank you in advance for your expertise. I am a disabled Veterans for the US Marine Corps who has just purchased my first home. Unfortunately due to...
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Hi I am upgrading from T1 to Tref and I am using deqx products This is a technical question but I want to know how different the crossover...
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The SuperSat 3 are understandably thin on the bass end. What do you guys recommend for a crossover setting for the SuperSat 3s in a 7.2.4 setup? I'm...
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Greetings to all. After decades, I'm finally replacing my vintage DCM speaker system (Time Window 3) with more modern speakers, and I chose Goldenear....
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I am trying to install a "stealth" home theater listening system to go with my 65" OLED television, in a Family Room not at all conducive to...
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My room is 11.5x15.' Currently I have Triton 1's powered by Pass Labs XA100 mono-blocks. My sweet spot forms the equilateral triangle between myself...
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Hi, I’m using new Triton Two Plus speakers. Should I run Audyssey first and then manual speaker configuration (using option 2 in the speakers’...
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I received my SuperCenter Reference this week so I am selling my XXL that I purchased in July 2017. Price is $700 plus shipping (I'm in North...
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Hi. New to the forum and was wondering if I could get anyone's opinion on wall and ceiling speakers. I am putting in an atmos 7.1.4 system. The...
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file Supercenter Xs Wanted
I know many of you are building bigger, got something new at the holidays, etc. and have a base model Supercenter X around that you don’t need any...
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Selling my Triton One pair and SuperCenter XL speakers. I bought these new from authorized dealer and have treated them kindly but have to downsize my...
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Hi Does anyone know if the rubber feet for the triton ref are the same as the ones in triton one? Anyone know the exact model that goldenear uses ?...
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Just saw this on Looks awesome. GoldenEar has announced that it will be giving demos of its new Bookshelf Reference X (BRX)...
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file Invisa HTR or MPX?
Hi, I'm putting a system in my bathroom and would like to use either Invisa HTR or MPX speakers in the ceiliing or wall. Based on the attached photo...
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