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Hi, I have pair of HTR 7000 for sale or trade for AON 3 or superset 3 plus cash. Just moved and new place I can't install in ceiling so need...
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Hi, I have Aon 3 pair would like to sell it. I am using triton 7 for back. Selling it for $800 plus shipping they are in great condition. Paypal /...
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Pair of Super Sat 3's for sale. Like new/hardly used - upgraded to Super Sat 50's. In original boxes, could ship. 21722 Maryland zip code. Also have...
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Which Blu-ray did you watch last night? Would be interesting to hear what you guys are watching.
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Guys, "Currently Playing" has gotten to 500 pages and has trouble loading more. Bro Anthem's wildly successful post has out done itself. So I will...
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file Today's humor
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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I now own three external DAC units - a Cambridge Dac Magic 100, a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus, and a Peachtree DACiTx. I use the DAC Magic Plus with my...
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Hey guys, I am not sure I can hear the difference in High Resolution recordings compared to normal CDs. I "think" I can some times. I can hear that...
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Hello. We are refinishing our basement from scratch and look to begin framing by the end of January. So, this is yet another request for opinion and...
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file RMS
I read in an old thread that the Triton 2s have approx 860 watts of continuous power on board. Is this rating per speaker? I'm wondering how it is...
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Hi, To put a simple question into context: I have been wanting to buy GoldernEar speakers for seversl years now, T2+SuperSats. But I will not buy...
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Im looking to purchase rear speakers for my HT. Either the AON or the SuperSat.
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I have a pair of Aon 3s (purchased from BigCoolJesus from avsforum) in the original box ready to ship but didn't even take them out of the box as I'm...
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Offering for sale 1 pair of Triton 2 speakers and 1 SuperSat 60C. Speakers were originally purchased from a Goldenear dealer in Houston, Tx. I would...
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Just curious how it would work out? I cant see spending $250.00 for each of my speakers in my system and having to spend $1000.00 for invisa HTR's....
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I just got some Triton 2+ and need recommendations for a good value DAC+integrated amp or Stereo AVR with an optical/S/PDIF input. I blew my budget...
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I have been reading through the forum and the website and am very interested in Golden Ear speakers. However at this time I have never heard them. I...
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I read with great delight about GoldenEar's release of the Triton Reference. My application requires standalone subs and I was wondering if there is...
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Hi, I am selling my like new triton one pair for $3300. I have original box and can ship in USA. Please IM me if interested. buyer pays for...
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