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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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I was planning on building a 5.1 system using SuperSat speakers (60c + 60 for L & R). Realizing my center speaker would look better built-in, is it...
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Excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Bought from authorized dealer about 6 years ago. Was center of Av system, with Aon 3s and super sub, but...
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I've decided to upgrade my center channel so am putting this up for sale. I'm the original owner and have the unused optional feet, original...
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Hello everyone, I've been planning to buy an AVR to replace my outdated pre amp processor and amp. I plan on building a full HT setup and I feel the...
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Hello, I'm looking to add rears to my HT setup and looking at SuperSat 50 and Invisa MPX, how would the both compare? Would Sat 50's be an overkill...
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Hello, I got my SuperCenter Reference today which is suppose to be new; Just few hours demo from the dealer. I open the sock and noticed kind of a...
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I'm getting ready to install my supersat50 in my 5.2.4 home theater. They will be used as surround located slightly behind the listening position....
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Will GoldenEar be there? If not, reconsider. You ought to be B)
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One of triton 3’s 5x9 long throw woofers needs replaced maybe is making crackling noice when power up system but not noticed when playing content...
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Members, ladies, gentlemen, distinguished quest, I'm simply wanting to keep our audio spirit alive!!!! The following is the best audiophile related...
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file Today's humor
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Hi All: new here on GoldenEar. i'm moving and my new home can accommodate either the Reference or 1.R, plus center, etc. previously, in my current...
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Hi, Yesterday while watching a movie, suddenly there was a pop from the left Triton One speaker and the blue light started blinking as if the...
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