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Greetings, I just finished the construction of my home theatre room. I am planning on buying the following for my 7.1.2 setup: (L/R) Triton Two+...
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New member here and recently moved into a new home. I am working on a 7.2.4 system. The room size is roughly 16’x20’. I will have two rows of...
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file Currently playing
So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Hi, Yesterday while watching a movie, suddenly there was a pop from the left Triton One speaker and the blue light started blinking as if the...
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I've recently developed some FF5 issues. The sub will continue with a low rumbling hum, with nothing being played from the source. There are also...
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Can I start a new thread here about personal listening? I am waiting for some GEt headphones!!! I think. Pretty much depends on what they are, and of...
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Hello, I currently have an Atlantic Technology 5.1 system in my big, open living room consisting of a passive LCR soundbar (FS-5000) and in-ceiling...
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So my system at the moment is VPI Prime with Soundsmith Carmen mkII and a McIntosh MA-7000 integrated and a pair of PSB T2 towers. Of course my...
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I am continuing to experiment with various arrangements of my 3 pairs of GE Speakers and my collection of audio gear. My latest setup is described...
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What exactly are the Triton Reference speaker cabinets made of...?
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file FS: SuperSat3 pair
For Sale SuperSat3 pair Excellent condition, non-smoking home, original boxes $400 shipped CONUS
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Well, the title pretty much says it all, but to elaborate slightly I was reading an old post on another forum about speaker spikes. I realized the...
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Hi, I'm currently running a 5.2 system, with the Triton Ones as fronts and also serving as the subs, SuperCenter XL, and SuperSat 3s for the...
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file External Amp?
Need a little help if XPA-5 would provide a noticeable improvement over my dedicated receiver. I have a Yamaha RX-A 3030 pushing a 9.2 system made up...
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file Today's humor
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Hi everyone, just need advise on my current setup. Currenly have 7's,super center x, sat 3 and force field 4 powered by denon avr -x6400h.My question...
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Which Blu-ray did you watch last night? Would be interesting to hear what you guys are watching.
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Hey All, I am the new owner of a pair of Triton Three+ and I am trying to better understand how they work, especially the internal amp/crossover....
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This seems to be a recurring topic.... First, it's my experience that GEt systems deliver balanced, full bass at even moderate SL's. Second, there...
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Guys, "Currently Playing" has gotten to 500 pages and has trouble loading more. Bro Anthem's wildly successful post has out done itself. So I will...
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