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I am looking for the weight of the Triton Ones in their original shipping cartons? I am selling them and need to quote on shipping. If the Moderator...
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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Can a Triton 2 be updated to a Triton 2 Plus, or economically it would be better to just purchase a 2+ or even a used One.
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I recently bought a pair of triton 1R. My problem is the speakers seem to be pressuring up the room to a point that you can feel it in your ears and...
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Interested in purchasing a pair to Triton reference. Thank you.
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Good condition. No scratches, work perfectly. 5.5K Must arrange your own pickup. Text works best. Six Zero Eight .. 3 8 Five .. 4One 7 7 54403
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I have been pretty happy with my Triton Twos since I bought them a little over two years ago. Today, the right-side tower started making a constant...
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I Ordered some SVS LFE RCA cables to hook up the LFE connection to my Triton 2's to my Denon AVR which has 2 subwoofer out connections. Well I got my...
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Hello Everyone, I am currently remodeling my basement and looking to upgrade my home theater. I currently have a standard 5.1 setup and when doing...
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Triton Ones for sale! They are in great shape and of course sound amazing. Local pickup is required. I no longer have the original packaging....
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Interested in what differences / how big the differences are between the two. Thanks.
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Super Center Xl. I’m really excited to get this speaker. I want to change my entire system over to GE. Other than my 2 forcefield 3 subs, I have all...
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A couple years ago I bought Golden Ear speakers for my 5.1.2 Atmos setup. Just a month or two after getting them, I noticed a rattling noise from the...
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I know anthem has a great post, "Currently Playing" at 865 pages long! Hard to wade through it for someone new to Golden Ear Speakers. List five of...
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Hi guys. I have been a 2nd hand owner of the original Triton 2's for over 7 years now and have enjoyed and recommend the brand to many of my friends....
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I'm looking for a pair of used Triton 3+ speakers. I'm willing to drive within New England or give you my UPS info for shipment if you can box them. Thanks! Mike
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Hello! I am strongly considering picking up the SuperCinema X soundbar (not the XL), but had one concern before doing so. I know that many folks...
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Hello all. I have a pair of Triton two + in perfect condition with boxes. I have taken extremely good care of them and have about 200hrs listening....
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Does any one have any experience or input on pairing REL subs with Triton 1’s using high level input into the REL’s?
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