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Please note that I have followed Sandy's tips online. I have read the manual as well. I am very very close to the equilateral triangle that is talk...
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Selling 2 Trtion 7's in perfect condition for $800 Selling Super Center XL for $500 Selling Forcefield 4 sub for $400 Selling Anthem MRX 520 for $1000...
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2 Triton Ones 2 Triton Seven 1 Super Center XL 2 Aeon 3 4 Polk ceiling speakers (there were originally $120 each) Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor...
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$800 local pickup. For shipping, I do not have the original boxes. I bought them used, and they are at least 9 to 9.5 dings, no...
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Looking to buy a pair of these. Please message if you are considering selling yours.
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Looking to buy a pair of supersat 3s. -Michael
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Which Blu-ray did you watch last night? Would be interesting to hear what you guys are watching.
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I had an Audio Hungary dealer stop over my place the other day to install a QUALITON A20i with the...
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Hey everyone, Is anyone using SVS subs with their Triton Ones? While my T1s have tons of bass, they roll off in my room around 22hz. I don't notice...
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I love the two speakers so much that I am thinking of making the leap to the reference of each. These speakers are in excellent shape. I can send...
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Not clear about the Triton 2+ regarding the side-firing subwoofer. Is there a designated "left" speaker and a designated "right speaker" (in other...
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I have a question about the Triton 5 or the Triton 3+ for my system. While I like loud base my wife hates it. In my old system I had to disconnect my...
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Well.... So one of my Supersub XXL's wasn't emitting sound, but the blue light was on. I unplugged it and waited a bit and then plugged it back in,...
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SuperCinema 3D Array XL And HTR 7000
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Just installed a HT in the basement and I have a Yamaha Adventage 2080 Receiver with 4 x 50 and 1 x 50C with the XL subwoofer. I have the crossover...
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I bought my Supersat 3’s second hand and they didn’t come with any table top stands. I know most people mount them or use floor stands, so I’d...
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Just saw this on Looks awesome. GoldenEar has announced that it will be giving demos of its new Bookshelf Reference X (BRX)...
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Would the HTR 7000 be workable for L/R in a room that has slanted ceilings or should I pursue other options for L/R? I was considering using...
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Hello, I was a happy owner of a T7 but for my taste and room they were missing bass (my application is only for music) I am interested in buying a T5...
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Hello, I was a happy owner of a T7 but for my taste and room they were missing bass (my application is only for music) I am interested in buying a T5...
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