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Hi all, am not sure if anyone has asked this question before?. I have recently upgraded from Q-acoustics to T3+. Very happy with upgrade, love the...
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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have a peachtree nova150 driving my Trefs and wanted to see if there's any point in upgrading from the current 150wpc. My couch is less than 10 feet...
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Sad to report that one of my Bel Canto REF600M monoblocks has died. So, for the moment, I'm listening with headphones. But I got to wondering...I've...
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file Triton Twos For Sale
Pair of Triton Twos in excellent condition for sale, purchased new from authorized dealer, sound amazing. All original shipping cartons,...
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file Today's humor
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Guys, "Currently Playing" has gotten to 500 pages and has trouble loading more. Bro Anthem's wildly successful post has out done itself. So I will...
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Hello all, I am planning on building a home theatre. Room is fairly small, but it’s all I have to work with for the time being. Dimensions are:...
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2 Triton Ones 2 Triton Seven 1 Super Center XL 2 Aeon 3 4 Polk ceiling speakers (there were originally $120 each) Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor...
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Hi, I am seriously considering the BRX and SuperCenter Reference speakers as LCR speakers in my current setup. The room size is 12 ft. x 18 ft. and...
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Hi! I’m currently using the Egglestonworks Andra for LR and Aerial CC3 for the center. I’m looking for a new Center as an ultimate upgrade for...
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Hi guys I'm based in Sydney, Australia and own a pair of Triton 2 towers as my main left and right speakers in a 5.0 system. (the original Triton 2,...
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We're having a new house built and I'm looking for suggestions on the best Goldenear System for our family room. Ideally I'd like a 5.1 surround...
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Hi All, I'm a proud owner of Triton 2+ and now T Refs. I'm setting up a surround sound system and wondering if anyone has experience or insight in...
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Hey all I have a question about these speakers? My only speakers that are not GE now are my heights. Current heights were the pioneer up firing...
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Hi guys, I'm sitting at checkout, facing an Emotiva XPA -DR2 Differential Amplifier to pair with my Triton Ones, and wanted to ensure that it is...
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