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Hi Guys, I have been using Triton's 2 for a while, hooked with Rotel RA 1570 Integrated Amp (2 Channel Stereo). Quite Happy with the Sound and...
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Hi guys I'm based in Sydney, Australia and own a pair of Triton 2 towers as my main left and right speakers in a 5.0 system. (the original Triton 2,...
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Hi folks, I have a pair of Triton two plus loudspeakers, which bought them on July 2017. Today the left speaker started making a scratching noise in...
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In regards to the goldenear 1 r's and Reference speakers. It seems to me from what I read, bass aside, that the triton r 1's are at least 95 perecent...
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I just bought a pair of Triton Ones. I got some new subwoofer cables from BlueJean Cables. Hooked up the right speaker, no problem, but the connector...
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