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Greetings, I picked up a pair of demo Triton Threes, and I was wondering if you could help me identify the exact models? They sound wonderful!...
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Whenever I plug the left speaker in all I get is a very loud buzzing noise, nothing else.
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Hi, with the spikes attached, what is the height of the Triton Two Plus? Anyone has a photo that can be shared? Thank you.
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Hi, just purchasedcnew Triton Two Plus and Marantz AVR SR 6013. First: Should I run Audyssey before or after break-in period? Second: any comments...
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I purchased brand new Triton Two+ (TWO SPEAKERS). paid shipping and Tax. I have only used it for less than $100.00 hour. Item for Pickup in Dallas...
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Can anyone that has upgraded from the SCXXL to the SCR explain some of the differences? I realize the drivers and crossovers are different, but the...
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Hi Gang: Here is a question about splitting Audio Line-Level Inputs or Outputs: I am considering splitting a Line Level Output from one of my...
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I have pair of Triton 2 fr and FL, supercenter60 center and pair of supersat for Sr and SL... Connected to marantz sr7005 through emotiva xpa5 amp....
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file Today's humor
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Dear people of Golden Ear, About 4 years ago I purchased a set of Golden Ear Triton 2 speakers. I enjoy it immensely and enjoy the sound every day....
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I have the opportunity to purchase 3 x ex-demo SuperSat 60's for an LCR setup at a fantastic price (66% off RRP). Unfortunately it's 3 x 60's, with...
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I have a pair of Triton 3 speakers available for sale. I've owned them less than 2 years and were purchased from a local audio shop. They have been...
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Hello, I have a set of T1's in my HT, on occasion the right front speaker will make a loud pop then I can see the blue light start to blink on that...
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