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Hi Everybody, I just ordered a DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 from Underwood Hi Fi. I'm finally going to attack the room modes that I have. I plan to use it...
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I just upgraded to the SuperCenter reference and have a SuperCenter XXL in an excellent condition for sale. Includes all original packaging...
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In regards to the goldenear 1 r's and Reference speakers. It seems to me from what I read, bass aside, that the triton r 1's are at least 95 perecent...
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Hello, I'm looking for some HTR 7000's or a Supercinema 3D Array. If anyone has any for sale please contact.
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Similar to many others with an open floor plan, I’m facing challenges while designing a practical system. The GoldenEar products looks like they may...
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To maximize floor space and budget constraints and minimize visual clutter and wifely complaints, I'm considering using 5 Invisa HTR-7000 for L/C/R...
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I'm selling the speakers listed in the title. All are in pristine condition, I'm ridiculously anal with all of my gear. I have original packaging...
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I've been thinking of painting the base and cap of the Triton for some time. I removed both and took them to an auto body place that I've been...
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I have pair of Triton 2 fr and FL, supercenter60 center and pair of supersat for Sr and SL... Connected to marantz sr7005 through emotiva xpa5 amp....
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It seems I am no longer able to tighten the feet properly on my ForceField 3. The bolts have become loose inside one or two of the feet. I'm...
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I have recently upgraded my system with the exception of my GE speakers. I have the SS3's L/C/R, surrounds and one (1) FF4 Sub. Even though the FF4...
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Hi all, Has anyone had experience with this pairing? I’ve read great things about PL but one review suggested there was some hum when paired with...
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I have the original Triton 2. Want to upgrade to either Triton 1 or Triton 1.R. Would like some opinions between the two. The sock does not bother me....
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My wife and I are probably moving soon. We have Goldenear in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that we LOVE, and don't want to leave them behind. I'm not...
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I have an all SuperSat 3 speaker set-up with L/C/R and surrounds with a FF 4 sub. I have a new Anthem MRX-720. I am trying to get my speakers set-up...
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I'm starting construction of a room addition and for all the reasons most everyone here will understand, I need to install in-ceiling speakers for the...
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