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My room is 16' wide by 18' deep and the perimeter ceiling height is 7'10" tall. Half the back wall is open to the rest of the house. The ceiling is...
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I'm selling my Emotiva ERC-3 CD player. It's in exactly perfect condition. Includes remote, manual, power cord, original carton/packaging and receipt...
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I'm selling my Triton Ref speakers. 9/10 condition (as good as new but I believe only brand new can be rated 10/10). $6500 + Shipping + PP fee. you...
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We all know what they are!
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I want to use a acoustic transparent screen, due to space limitations I would have to inset the speaker partially in the wall about4” will this...
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When I power up my FF5 the light comes on solid and never goes out. This is without any audio source attached. Any idea what's wrong?
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So, what's spinning? Me: Becker Brothers - Out of the Loop
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We have an open family room that is 20 foot long and 15 foot wide with 10 foot ceilings.. We have almost all windows on the right and back side walls...
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Hello everyone. I am the happy owner of a pair SuperSat 3 speakers. They are driven by a Marantz SR1100. This receiver is on the low end of driver...
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How do I install HTR7000 and Invisa 650 in my Woodhaven is MDF planks hung on aluminum track. The track will be screwed to our existing drywall...
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file Today's humor
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I noticed on one of my tritons I can hear a small hum coming from I believe the tweeter? Head right next to cloth on speaker, with no volume on the...
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I posted a, 'that's my problem too', comment on raywindu's post a month back. However his issue seemed to be with the tweeter section though... A...
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Hi-- I currently have the following 5.1 setup: - Two T7's as front (set to small w/ Denon receiver) with LFE crossover at frequency Sandy recommends -...
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file Selling my Triton 1s
I have my almost new Triton one up for sale. Was hoping for 3k, but will take reasonable offers. Everything is in perfect working order and scratch free. 952 215 2837 Keith
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I just moved into a house that has a great space in the basement for a home theater. It is 12.5' wide, 29.5' deep and ceilings are 8 feet. I currently...
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Was watching Audioholics this evening and they were talking about cross-firing speakers for maximizing the sweetspot. Have you all tried it with...
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