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I've been enjoying my Triton 5's now for the last 4 years. My setup has been Marantz sr5010, Emotiva XPA-2 Amp, Triton 5's, SuperSat 50c and Invisa...
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Hello and thanks for any help that can be offered. I am contemplating purchasing the SuperCinema 3D Array XL but have a question about power...
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file SuperSub X Placement
I’m curious whether any of you guys have the SuperSub X placed on a side wall rather than on the same wall as your front speakers? I’m curious...
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I am installing a 7.1 system. The room is a 20x15 rectangle shape with the TV on one of the shorter walls and the listening position at the midpoint....
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I am open to shipping if need be. I have Triton Ones and a Supercenter XXL presently. So I am vefy familiar with them.
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Selling my Triton One pair and SuperCenter XL speakers. I bought these new from authorized dealer and have treated them kindly but have to downsize my...
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Hi, I’m using new Triton Two Plus speakers. Should I run Audyssey first and then manual speaker configuration (using option 2 in the speakers’...
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2 Triton Ones 2 Triton Seven 1 Super Center XL 2 Aeon 3 Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire (100 Feet, White) - Free with purchase Sony...'s Avatar
Looking to install a new system with the SuperSat 60 and 60C as my LCR.
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Hi guys, I am trying to get the placement for the speakers in the theater room. Room dimension: 14 x 21 Theater room with 10 foot ceiling in first...
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Hello, As I am in the market for an active speaker with digital inputs as well as analogue I am curious as to when the DigitalAktiv 3 will be...
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I have a pair of SSX's in my 2.1 system and currently use DH Labs Air Matrix RCA's from PS Audio BHK preamp. I use higher end Synergistic Research...
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Hi, New to the forum. I am trying to built my HT in basement with 7.2.4 setup. In doing my research got some good reviews about SPS for LCR. My...
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Hi Does anyone know if the rubber feet for the triton ref are the same as the ones in triton one? Anyone know the exact model that goldenear uses ?...
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I am considering some changes in my system setup. Part of that would entail moving my SuperSat 60c from it’s current shelf-mounted position and...
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Any moderately priced amplifier recommendations for my triton towers and center channel?
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Hello I'm about 60 hours into breaking-in the Triton 3+, or as a dealer described them to me as the ugly stepchild of the Triton's. (I could not...
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I have had these around a year and half but they have only been used occasionally on movie night as surround speakers. They are good enough to...
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So I saw this video and I think many people who use AirPods might need these. They are made by this custom hearing protection called and I guess they...
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Excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Bought from authorized dealer about 6 years ago. Was center of Av system, with Aon 3s and super sub, but...
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