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Hello All, Another happy GoldenEar customer with a question. In my surround system, the left/right speakers are Triton Sevens, and the center is a...
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So I am building a new system and purchased a Supercenter XXL to go with my TRefs. Just got the surrounds and heights installed and was about to...
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Hey guys, I'm thinking about replacing the rubber feet of my SuperCenterXXL with spikes as I have installed on my Triton Ones. I found these on the...
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I recently placed an order for some T-ones and wasn't sure if I should order the XXL center or the new ref center. My dealer told me that he was...
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FWIW I have been chasing home theater sound for a long time...ever since 5.1 came out since around 1997. I have had a number of combinations of fronts...
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Thought we would see a new center at CES 2016, but released by surprise, looks pretty cool. Will have to decide on replacing my XL TJ
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I just picked up XL to go with Triton 5's. I have two large subs so I've been running everything including tritons at 80hz crossover. What is the...
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Hello everyone, I have spent some time listening to the SC XL with a Yamaha RX-A1040. I have replaced that with an Emotive XPA -1L mono block amp to...
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I'm considering purchasing a SuperCenter XL to match my Triton One's. My question is positioning for best sound quality. I've read some...
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