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johneed Posted 1 month 1 week ago
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Greetings to all. After decades, I'm finally replacing my vintage DCM speaker system (Time Window 3) with more modern speakers, and I chose Goldenear. My choice was mostly based on recommendation from nationally syndicated "Sound Advice" columnist Don Lindich.

Anyway, I bought AON 3 for the fronts, AON 2 for the middle surrounds, and SuperSat 3 for the rear surrounds. I want to flush mount the SuperSat 3s on a rear wall, and was wondering if anyone has specific size/type recommendations for the screws to utilize the integrated mount/hang slots? That part of the wall is solid wood behind the drywall, so should be pretty solid. I'm thinking some kind of wood screw, driven though a felt chair leg pad, yet protruding enough to catch the mount slot. Are there any hardware nerds who can spec that for me? I guess I can just take one of them down to the hardware store and see what fits well.

On a tangent. I also bought a SuperSat 3C, because the eBay seller had in a bundle. My current center channel, which I really like, is not DCM. It is a Vienna Acoustics Maestro Grand with exposed tweeter. I think it came from Best Buy Magnolia? MSRP is around $1,000 for one. It's a nice center. I am concerned about tonal matching though, so I might try the much smaller SuperSat 3C just to see what happens. I might also be open to selling the VA Maestro, storing the SuperSat 3C, and getting a SuperSat 50C center channel. My center is sandwiched between two shelves, so I don't think up or down passive radiators would work well? Any thoughts on that?


John from Minnesota (was -10 when I woke up this morning). Good day to stay indoors and switch speakers around...
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GDHAL Posted 1 month 1 week ago

Hey John. I'm unable to answer your specific questions, but would like to extend a sincere "welcome to the forum and GoldenEar extended family" message.
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rjohn79395 Posted 1 month 6 days ago
Hey John

Yeah, -10 degrees is cold!

I can't help with the bracket/mounting question, but I think you'd like a GEt center that perfectly matches tonally your other GEt speakers. I don't know what you have for other bass/sub support, but a SuperSat 50C would do very well at center. Re whether a center like a SuperCenter would work there sandwiched between two shelves, if the space is high enough to allow 2" or so above the top of the SuperCenter, that's enough room for the passive radiator(s) to do their thing, and would provide more bass content from that channel.

Stay warm!

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Moderator Posted 1 month 4 days ago
Hi John,

If you're wanting to mount the SS3 with the keyhole slots, drywall screws will work well if they go in to wood after drywall. Otherwise a simple wall anchor & screw will work well, too.
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