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Well.... So one of my Supersub XXL's wasn't emitting sound, but the blue light was on. I unplugged it and waited a bit and then plugged it back in,...
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file SuperSub X Placement
I’m curious whether any of you guys have the SuperSub X placed on a side wall rather than on the same wall as your front speakers? I’m curious...
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I have a pair of SSX's in my 2.1 system and currently use DH Labs Air Matrix RCA's from PS Audio BHK preamp. I use higher end Synergistic Research...
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lightbulb Super Sub XXL HUM
I recently Purchased the super sub XXL and it is musically awesome to say the least. I have one issue I am not sure how to correct/fix. When the Sub...
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Hi, I currently own the Triton Refs and use them in a Stereo Setup with 2 PSA M700 Stellar Power amps and a DirectStream DAC. I am considering to...
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Wondering if it makes sense to add the supersub xxl or whether it wouldn't "improve" the bass of the already-great sounding T1s. Anyone running T1s...
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I've one xxl and after I've bought the mic umik-1 I could saw that have some peaks and nulls. Here are the graphs, generated with the REW. Measured...
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I just bought a super sub x yesterday. I noticed almost immediately that the volume of the sub was fluctuating. Once it hits load it shuts off...
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Would you rather use one GE SubXXL or two SubXs ? How about one of each ? I have one SubX and thinking of going bigger or adding a 2nd sub. I'm...
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file SuperSub XXL
Hi, Did someone know when the SuperSub XXL will be available for purchase? Also what will be the price? I think 1999$? Thanks,
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I just received my SuperSub X about a week ago and I figured I had to be one of the first to get one so I thought I would share my thoughts. The unit...
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I've got one of these in a cabinet. It is the only place I can put it. The cabinets are built-in with grill cloth on door for sub. The problem is...
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Wasn't it supposed to have launched in June?
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