file Anyone listen to two-channel with Triton Ones and a Supersub xxl?

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Pbgalvin Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago
Wondering if it makes sense to add the supersub xxl or whether it wouldn't "improve" the bass of the already-great sounding T1s.
Anyone running T1s with an XXL for music listening?
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Moderator Posted 2 months 2 weeks ago
Apparently not.

In a music playback system (2ch stereo) there is no high-fidelity way to both fully utilize the Triton speaker AND an outboard subwoofer.

If for high-volume playback in a very large room, with source material containing lots of bass, one could envision a situation where more bass output would be needed to fill the room. In this circumstance you would need to crossover the Triton Ones at 60-80 Hz (which would limit the utilization of the speakers' powered bass section) and use outboard subwoofers of substantial output (like our SuperSub XXL) for each channel.

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ArthurDaniels Posted 2 months 1 week ago
Hi PT,

The answer to your question may depend upon whether you are driving your Ones with a dedicated two-channel stereo amplifier or with an AV receiver.

You might want to read the comments in my thread "Yet Another Experiment ....." discussing my experiments with using a separate Line-Level Controller to vary the bass levels.

The Moderator's response probably considers that you are using an AV receiver, which would provide a variable-crossover capability. In my case, I am using a 2-channel amplifier, which does not have such capability.

Another very important factor will be related to the type of music to which you listen. I believe that listening to rock music, jazz, or other music with heavy and consistent bass content would be very different from listening to classical music, in which the "musical" content and context of the bass takes on a more significant role.

An easy experiment for you to try would be to drive the LFE inputs with a line-level signal (the "Double Bass" approach). With this setup, there will be significantly more bass from your Ones. Then, you can vary the LFE Level controls on your Ones as you listen to specific pieces of music which you have selected to evaluate bass content. If you are using an AV receiver, you can also try out "Small" speaker settings for your Ones and/or vary the crossover frequencies for your Ones. And, you can combine all of these approaches to further investigate the effect on the bass.

Performing these experiments may provide you with enough results to help you evaluate whether or not adding extra subs would be of benefit.

Happy Listening,

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