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EdiMC Posted 5 months 6 days ago
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Hi guys!
Sorry to "steal" the thread, but something was brought to my attention about my XXL sub after running ARC on my Anthem MRX 720...

I understand the basic concepts about bass management, so I was intrigued by this...
Some people who I showed the readings are under the impression that the amp sub might have a problem because it's behaving poorly above 150hz...

I'm using the left input/LFE connection, which is the one I should be using right? (it should be the “unfiltered” input option, correct?)

One of the things pointed out was: "There is definitely no way this Sub, as it is currently performing, should have specs of 10Hz - 250Hz.
The problem at the low end could be a result of where you have the Sub positioned in the room. E.g., positioning closer to a corner will give you more "Boundary Gain" down there. But the problem at the high end has got to be the Sub itself.
Your "farthest to the right" position Measures best, although it's not a huge change. That positioning is good down to about 25Hz (which is not bad, even though it doesn't meet the manufacturer's specs). The high end is not changed significantly -- still only good up to about 150Hz. Again not bad, but not what the manufacturer claimed you'd get."

ARC reading below.

Purple line - initial position;
Light green line - a few inches to the right;
Dark green line- a few more inches to the right;
Blue line - as much as I'm able to pull it to the right.

@Moderator - could you give me some feedback on this?


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