CEDIA 2014 Press Recap - GoldenEar Does Atmos Right

GoldenEar's CEDIA Atmos Demo Was a "CEDIA's Best". CEDIA this year was the big introduction of Dolby Atmos for the home, and GoldenEar was right there in the thick of it with what the press called "The Best Real Home-Atmos Demo at CEDIA". The system was based on the spectacular Triton One as the left/right mains, with Triton Twos for L/R surrounds, with all four built-in Triton subwoofers handling the LFE channel! A SuperCenter XL completed the 5.1 system, and four Invisa HTR-7000s added the Atmos "height" channels for a complete 5.1.4 Atmos home theater system, "done right".

But you don't have to believe us when we say this demo was spectacular, here's what the show going press had to say:

Thomas J. Norton, of Sound & Vision Magazine, writes in Atmos: Lend Me Your GoldenEar:

"The Atmos demo from GoldenEar, however, was a more conventional 5.1.4 setup with five conventional channels, 4 true ceiling speakers (no reflective Atmos here), and four subs. It was both impactful and at the same time subtle in a way that will please many audiophiles with at least some interest in home theater... the experience convinced me, at least in these fledgling days of Atmos (I remain open minded on this), that true ceiling speakers just might produce the best Atmos results."

Robert Kozel, from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, writes in his CEDIA Expo 2014 Show Report:

"The first Dolby Atmos demo I experienced was at the GoldenEar Technology sound room. Sandy Gross put together an amazing demo using the flagship GoldenEar Triton One speakers, a SuperCenter XL, and four ceiling-mounted Invisa HTR 7000 as the Dolby Atmos height speakers. Sandy played several trailers and video clips using the Dolby Atmos processing in the new Integra DHC 80.6 preamp/processor. The overall sound quality was excellent, but that didn't surprise me because this was an impressive set of speakers. The Dolby Atmos soundtracks immersed the room in sound. Trailers with rain and jungle sounds created sound effects that moved overhead and all around us. The video clip from Transformers: Age of Extinction brought the audience into the chaos ensuing on the screen. My overall impression of Dolby Atmos was that the technology works as advertised. It definitely created a more three-dimensional surround experience and I really enjoyed it. The GoldenEar demo was now my benchmark for the day."

And then Robert's follow-up after the show:

"I listened to eight of the Dolby Atmos demos at the show and my favorite Dolby Atmos demo was still the first demo I listened to from GoldenEar Technology. I appreciated that GoldenEar Technology had chosen to use ceiling mounted speakers like a commercial theater. The soundstage was wonderfully immersive with excellent detail and terrific bass response. To think Dolby Atmos could sound so good in a convention floor demo room makes me look forward to hearing Dolby Atmos in my own home."

Chris Boylan of bigpicturebigsound.com, writes in GoldenEar Technology Does Dolby Atmos Right with In-Ceiling Speakers and Powered Towers:

"Unlike some competitive in-ceiling speakers which fire straight downward, the Invisa 7000 in-ceiling models are angled toward the listening area with around 90 degrees of dispersion. This makes speaker placement a bit more particular but according to company founder, Sandy Gross, this creates a more uniform soundfield for the height channels and prevents the hot-spotting you can get with traditional downward-firing ceiling speakers ... the GoldenEar system created an impressive three-dimensional soundstage, with excellent dynamic range and detail. The bass response was both extended and nicely balanced around the room thanks to the use of the four integrated powered subwoofers."

Mark Fleischmann, of Sound & Vision Magazine, writes in GoldenEar Does Atmos:

"One of the cool things about Atmos is that the ceiling speakers are fed with genuine spatial information specified by the mixer, as opposed to fake height channels derived from other channels. Combined with GoldenEar's signature folded ribbon tweeter, this made for strong height effects, which were especially striking in the Dolby demo material."

Mark Henninger, of AVS Forum, writes in GoldenEar Atmos Demo at CEDIA 2014:

"There are no fewer than eleven Dolby Atmos demos at CEDIA 2014, and I've made it my goal to check them all out. So far, the demo that impressed me the most is GoldenEar's. It conveyed a true sense of immersion, a 3D hemisphere where sounds floated freely, all rendered with tremendous precision. GoldenEar founder and famed speaker designer Sandy Gross ran the demo. I listened to several clips produced by Dolby to show off Atmos, which by design take maximum advantage of the system's capabilities. I found that during the Leaf clip I was able to judge the distance as well as direction of the different sounds, making them seem quite real. The demo included an Atmos mix of Enrique Iglesias' "Bailando" that's become somewhat of a show favorite. Once again, the GoldenEar system's rendition of the content was notably exceptional. Without question, it is the first Atmos demo that proved to me how much potential the new format holds. Now, I'm curious if any of the demo's I've yet to experience can top this one. Others have already tried and failed."

Dennis Burger, of HDLiving.com, writes in CEDIA EXPO 2014: DAY ONE, THE AUDIO EXPERIENCE:

"Of course, it should come as a shock to exactly no one that Dolby Atmos is the talk of the town this week. GoldenEar Technology's Atmos demo, which consisted of discrete in-ceiling speakers-the company's Invisa HTR 7000s-mated with the new Triton One tower. The Triton Ones are absolute beasts, cranking out LFE sounds that rivaled many of the best subwoofers I've ever auditioned, and the Invisa HTR 7000s kept pace with them perfectly. There was no real sonic mismatch at all between the bed channels on the ground and the dome of sound overhead. Detail was spectacular, especially in the Dolby Atmos trailers and with musical clips, like one particular Enrique Inglesias track. To be blunt, the GoldenEar demo absolutely demolished other Atmos demos with dedicated in-ceiling speakers, many of which run for thousands and thousands of dollars more."

John Sciacca writes in his Residential Systems report, CEDIA 2014: The Next Wave in Surround Sound Recap, calling the GoldenEar demo the "Best Real-World Atmos":

"Sounded Awesome...Numerous people, including myself, thought the GoldenEar demo was one of the best Atmos demos at CEDIA EXPO... I think it was the best "affordable" Atmos demo at the show ... delivered an amazing Atmos presentation, with phenomenal hemispheric cohesion and tight, deep, feel-it-in-your-soul bass. Company president Sandy Gross told me he 'wanted to show how good Dolby Atmos can sound when played through exceptional speakers in an optimum configuration.' The marriage between front-to-back and floor-to-ceiling sounds was terrific, owing both to the terrific imaging of GoldenEar's speakers and to Sandy's meticulous set up and positioning of the speakers. I know he took a lot of care positioning the four in-ceiling Invisa HTR7000s to give the widest sweetspot and soundstage, and the results truly paid off. Sandy's demo proved you don't need to spend a fortune to blow a crowd away with great audio."

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