Perfect Vision Declares 3D Array "no-jive audiophile-grade sound quality"

Chris Martens / The Perfect Vision / CEDIA 2012: Earlier this year, GoldenEar’s founder Sandy Gross gave high-end audio-minded enthusiasts a preview of an upcoming product, which—as of CEDIA—is now ready for production: the SuperCinema 3D Array ($999). Here again we have a product that seems at first to be yet another soundbar, but just one listen will convince most listeners that there is something markedly different and better about this product—something that sets it far apart from its competition. That elusive “something” is real live, no-jive audiophile-grade (and I do not use that term loosely) sound quality.

When you first see the SuperCinema 3D Array you might have a reaction something like this (at least if you’re a committed audiophile): “Hmmm, it appears to be an attractive little slimline soundbar, but seriously, how good could one of those possibly sound?”. Once you hear the SuperCinema 3D Array in action, however, my bet is that you’ll be singing a different tune—something along these lines: “Holy bleep, this SuperCinema 3D Array sounds like three high-performance studio monitors playing in unison, and in a good room! A soundbar that can actually kick butt in high-end music applications? Who knew?”

The SuperCinema 3D Array is a 3-channel speaker with each L/C/R channel featuring a Heil-type HVFR (high velocity folded ribbon) tweeter and two 4.5-inch MVPP mid/bass drivers. More importantly, the 3D Array also incorporates interaural crosstalk cancellation technology—technology that Sandy Gross helped pioneer back at Polk Audio, further refined at Definitive Technology, and is now applying in GoldenEar’s SuperCinema 3D Array. The upshot is that the 3D Array, which is only 49 inches wide, can produce unusually wide and coherent soundstages, sometimes creating the uncanny illusion of precisely focused sound source that emanate from far to the left or righthand side of the array.

In a sense, GoldenEar has tried a less-is-more approach, here, in the interest of sound quality. The SuperCinema 3D Array does not attempt to provide a self-powered solution, nor does it attempt to re-create surround-channel information. Instead, it strives to provide three shockingly good-sounding front channels—a mission it accomplishes with real refinement and grace. If asked to recommend a soundbar likely to please finicky, hypercritical audiophiles, this one would be my hands down choice. It’s that good.

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