Positive Feedback says the SuperSub XXL is "Fantastic!"

Greg Petan in Positive Feedback writes about adding the SuperSub XXL to his system, saying, "The inclusion of the SuperSub XXLs pushes the fun meter deep in the red ... the first impression is one of great musicality, speed and effortless power ... Everything I threw at the SuperSub XXLs subwoofers sounded fantastic. They brought music and soundtracks to life in a way that is very compelling ... Build quality and design are both first rate... The subs received oohs and aahs from visitors ... GoldenEar Technology has really done it right with their SuperSub XXL ... Go for it and have the time of your audio life!."  Then, perhaps the ultimate compliment, "My wife even basked in the SuperSub XXLs' performance, saying, 'Wow, this sounds amazing, the subs really sound great!'."

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