The Night Before the Launch

It is the night before our official launch and the whole GoldenEar Team (Don Givogue, Jack Shafton, John Miller, Dave Kakenmaster, Anne Conaway and myself) is on site in Atlanta for the opening of the CEDIA Show tomorrow.

We have been hard at work setting up for the onslaught tomorrow and in spite of a little set-up hiccup (a good luck sign in my experience) the product looks and sounds amazing and the booth looks great. Don has just returned from the factory where he and head of engineering Bob Johnston are working hard to get these cutting edge new speakers into production. Industry response to our new project is unprecedented and we have over 60 dealers on board pre- product showing. I spent the day listening to some new demo material. Even though CEDIA is thought of as a home theater show, we will be debuting the speakers with pure music, to show off just how good the speakers are. Standouts among the demo material I went through today were a test pressing of my friend David Chesky's new Symphony (I heard the debut of this last year in NY) and the latest Chad and Jeremy disc, Ark-ology, which we got when we heard them at the Cutting Room before it closed last year. Amazing album both musically and sound wise.The song, the Ark is a good theme song for our launch. All for tonight, more tomorrow!


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