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GoldenEar Triton Five Triumphs as Digital Trends' Best Speaker of 2019

The GoldenEar Triton Five has been chosen as "The Best Speaker Overall" by Digital Trends webzine, saying "In terms of getting the highest possible audio quality at non-car prices, there is perhaps no better speaker company on earth than GoldenEar Technology...

 GoldenEar Triton Five Triumphs as Digital Trends' Best Speaker of 2019


GoldenEar Triumphs in Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Awards!

Every year The Absolute Sound, one of the world's most well respected high end audio magazines, honors the top products they've reviewed with their highly coveted Editors' Choice Award. Each editor picks their annual choices for the finest products they have personally reviewed. We're proud to say that each and every GoldenEar loudspeaker that they have rave reviewed, eight in all, has been awarded this singular honor:

  • Loudspeakers $500-$1000: Aon 3
  • Loudspeakers $1000- $1500: Triton Seven
  • Loudspeakers $1500-$2000: Triton Five
  • Loudspeakers $3000-$5000: Triton Two+
  • Loudspeakers $3000-$5000: Triton One
  • Loudspeakers $5000-$10,000: Triton Reference
  • Subwoofers: SuperSub XSuperSub XXL



Brits Go Wild for Triton Five, Calling it "Magical"!

Historically, getting an English reviewer to give a good review to an American loudspeaker has been thought to be difficult at best. So when HiFi News, considered by many to be the most authoritative of the British audio magazines, reviewed the American GoldenEar Triton Five loudspeaker, and raves, "...the Five is perhaps the most striking speaker I have heard at this price level for a very long time...It makes some larger, costlier speakers sound just plain silly", it is simply amazing.

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Triton One.R Scores Triple 5-Star Rave Review!

We are in for a wild ride of Triton One.R rave reviews, and here is number two! This one is from Dennis Burger for Dennis, as we know, is a hyper-critical listener, and we were very interested in what he had to say about the Triton One.R, especially because he was the first to review the Triton Reference. We think the the Triple 5-Star Rating says it all, but click the link to read this complet, fantastic review.

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Triton One.R is Sound & Vision's Top-Pick-of-the Year!

GoldenEar receives another fantastic mega-honor from Sound & Vision, this time for the new Triton One.R, as their 2018 Loudspeaker Top Pick of the Year, saying "GoldenEar Tech's scaled down version of its Triton Reference loudspeakers manages to deliver a sizeable percentage of that flagship model's performance (also awarded Top Pick of the Year, in 2016) at an equally scaled-down price. Not just a top Pick but an exceptional value." 


Sound & Vision's Al Griffin is First Up with This Rave Triton One.R Review

It only seemed fitting that Sound & Vision's Al Griffin would be the first to review the new Triton One.R, afterall, Al was the first reviewer to write about the Triton Two when it was released in late 2010. That rave review, and the Product of the Year Award that followed, was quite the auspicious beginning for Sandy Gross's new speaker company. As they say, the rest is history .... Al also was one of the first to review the GoldenEar flagship Triton Reference, so he had a good reference (pun intended) for comparison to the new T Ref sibling, saying, "I'm even more floored than I was by the (Triton) Reference".

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Fantastic Video from Digital Trends on the Triton Reference

Another new Triton Reference rave review is coming, this latest one by Digital Trends, Here is a video in advance of that full review that is a fantastic preview. The reviewer, Caleb Denison, is working on the written review, summed up his experience saying, "...easily the best speaker I have ever evaluated." 

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SuperSub X is Absolute Sound's Subwoofer-of-the-Year

We opened up the latest Product-of-the-Year issue of The Absolute Sound, musing that it was a shame they didn't review a GoldenEar speaker last year. And then, as we admired all the mega-buck award winners; surprise, surprise: there was our little SuperSub X being honored as Subwoofer-of-the-Year!! Reviewer Neil Gader sums up his thoughts saying, "... the SuperSub X willingly hits the dance floor with all the right moves-rhythm, speed and punch that belie its modest dimensions... a subwoofer of estimable shock and awe that's also a bargain to boot."


GoldenEar Wins Secrets 2018 Award for Best Home Theater Speaker System

We are very excited to announce that Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity has awarded GoldenEar with its 2018 Award for Best Home Theater Speaker System for the GoldenEar Technology Dolby Atmos Speaker System that was reviewed by Todd Cooperider last year. From the award: "GoldenEar Technology has been knocking it out of the park for years now with the products they have been designing and manufacturing, and has been known as a value leader in the high end community. When you look at the all-star system we have assembled, it still carries a price of $16,700, which is a lot, but when compared to many other manufacturers' gear at the high end level, it is an absolute bargain. Highly recommended!"


GoldenEar Introduces the New Triton One.R

(November 28, 2019 –Baltimore, MD) GoldenEar Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Triton One.R. This extraordinary new reference quality loudspeaker is a smaller, less expensive follow up to the Triton Reference, which has had a remarkable response in the marketplace from both music and hifi enthusiasts as well as the press and reviewers from around the world, who have bestowed upon it innumerable Speaker-of-the-Year and Product-of-the-Year awards. Click the read more link to read the new product introduction press release.

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