From music to movies to games, T66 is “a masterpiece,” says Sound & Vision editor Mark Henninger.

Can a loudspeaker be fun and refined? Michael Lavorgna finds the answer in our T66 — one of his new Favorite Speakers.

T66 is Definitely for You

The Absolute Sound’s Cynthia Blankenship says the T66 offers a well-balanced sound that leaves nothing to be desired.

Hooray! Several high-performance, high-value GoldenEar speakers have received The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice Award.

“If the T doesn’t stand for Triton, maybe it stands for ‘terrific?’”—Jamie Biesemans, HiFi News, January 2024

The Audiophiliac, Steve Guttenberg, ranks GoldenEar’s T66 among the Best Audiophile Loudspeakers of 2023.