The T66 is the first GoldenEar speaker since the renowned Triton Reference to earn SoundStage’s “Reviewers’ Choice” and “Recommended Reference Component” awards.

SoundStage HiFi’s Philip Beaudette calls the T66 “unmistakably GoldenEar” and marvels at its ability to communicate nothing but the music.

T66 Performs Vanishing Act

HiFi Pig’s Michael Fairbairn appreciates the T66’s refined look, simple setup, and uncanny ability to disappear.

From music to movies to games, T66 is “a masterpiece,” says Sound & Vision editor Mark Henninger.

Can a loudspeaker be fun and refined? Michael Lavorgna finds the answer in our T66 — one of his new Favorite Speakers.

T66 is Definitely for You

The Absolute Sound’s Cynthia Blankenship says the T66 offers a well-balanced sound that leaves nothing to be desired.