Support Services

GoldenEar prides itself in providing exceptional performing, highly dependable products.  In the rare event of problems, you can count on our support and service staff to answer your questions and if necessary do whatever is necessary to get your GoldenEar product back up and running good as new quickly and without any hassles for you.

If you have questions, please make sure to check out our user forums and the FAQ section of the website.  And of course check the contact us section for phone and email contact information.  If your product requires service, the best place to start is with your selling dealer.  GoldenEar dealers have access to repair parts and service instructions to provide factory authorized service.  GoldenEar and your GoldenEar dealer are the ONLY authorized warranty and non-warranty repair options.

Service and warranty work on your GoldenEar loudspeakers will normally be performed by your local GoldenEar dealer. If, however, you wish to return the speaker to us, please contact us first, describing the problem and requesting authorization as well as the location of the nearest factory service center.

Please note that the contact address is our offices only. Under no circumstances should loudspeakers be shipped to our offices or returned without contacting us first and obtaining return authorization.


It is our pleasure to offer assistance if you have any questions regarding your GoldenEar speakers or their set-up.
Please contact your nearest GoldenEar dealer, or contact us directly at +1-949-800-1805.

E-MAIL Product/Technical Support: [email protected].