About GoldenEar Dealers

IMPORTANT: GoldenEar speakers are sold across North America through a network of authorized dealers and around the world through a network of authorized distributors. GoldenEar provides a warranty only on products sold by our authorized dealers.

GoldenEar dealers have been proudly selected to represent our brand because they have demonstrated a passion for music and movies and the products that bring them to life, because they can design and install a home audio system to maximize its performance for enjoyment, and because they have a clear dedication to customer service and support. For these reasons, GoldenEar products are only available through this network of authorized specialty audio/video stores in North America and sold around the world only through Authorized Distributors who select Authorized Dealers in their local markets. These dealers are the finest in their respective markets and have the expertise and facilities to demonstrate the superior performance and value of GoldenEar products.

You can save a lot of time, money, and aggravation by doing business only with your local Specialty Audio/Video dealer. They’ll sell you the right equipment for your needs and nothing more. They have the know-how and expertise you can trust when selecting a quality audio equipment for your home music system and/or home theater.

For the name of your nearest authorized and qualified GoldenEar dealer, simply enter your location information in our dealer locator and select the store location closest to you. (If you choose to buy online through the GoldenEar store, your order will be filled by your closest stocking GoldenEar dealer.)