Get to Know GoldenEar…at Great Low Prices!

Despite being a household name among hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts in the US, GoldenEar is a relatively new brand to many people in the UK.

But we won’t be offended if you’ve never heard of us or have never listened to our speakers before visiting this year’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show. In fact, we’re delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to a brand that’s been designing award-winning products for over two decades.

Thank you for taking the time to scan the QR code that has brought you here. 

Whilst visiting us at the show, you will have had the chance to listen to our revered Triton Reference and Triton One.R models. These speakers have been our range toppers for several years now, gaining fans and garnering rave reviews from the likes of Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, and countless online publications.

With the hope of gradually bringing GoldenEar into as many homes and listening rooms throughout the UK as it’s found in the US, while doubling down on the brand’s exceptional sound per pound, we’re now offering Triton Reference, One.R, and their smaller sibling, the Triton Two+, at special promotional prices.

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Triton Reference

Triton One.R

Triton Two+

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Below you'll find a complete list of dealers...

Acton Gate Audio Wrexham, UK 01978 364500
Analogue Seduction Peterborough, UK 01733 350878
Audio Destination Tiverton, UK 01884 243584
Audio Lounge Leicester Leicester, UK 01455 715300
Audiologica Billingshurst, UK 01403 336339
Bollo Store Glasgow, UK 0141 552 5552
Harrow Audio Watford, UK 0208 930 9933
Midland Hi-Fi Studio Wolverhampton, UK 01902 380083
P & A Audio Southport, UK 01704 536901
Signals Felixstowe, UK 01394 672464
The Audio Consultants Aldermaston, UK 0118 9819891 Enquiry Form On Website
Cloney Audio Blackrock, Dublin, Eire +353 1 2888477

Outstanding performance and exceptional value — the foundations upon which the GoldenEar name is built.

We hope the beguiling performance of these speakers, combined with these fantastic prices, will encourage you to take a proper listen to the GoldenEar range.

If you’d like to listen to any of these models in the flesh, in an environment that isn’t a busy and noisy hi-fi show, then please contact your closest GoldenEar stockist for a personal listening experience. Below, you’ll find a complete list of dealers who’ll be happy to arrange informative demonstrations.

Thanks again for calling by to visit us at the Bristol Show. We hope you had a great time.

Critical Praise for the Triton Series