GoldenEar is TAS’s Editors’ Choice

The March issue of The Absolute Sound magazine includes their prestigious Editors’ Choice Awards, and we are delighted to announce that several GoldenEar products have once again been recognized. These are products that TAS’s editors consider as easy, no-doubt-about-it recommendations, products that they would buy for themselves and/or happily recommend to family and friends. The list includes:

  • GoldenEar BRX bookshelf speaker
  • GoldenEar Triton Five floorstanding loudspeaker
  • GoldenEar Triton Reference floorstanding loudspeaker
  • GoldenEar ForceField 30 subwoofer
  • GoldenEar SuperSub X subwoofer
  • GoldenEar SuperSub XXL subwoofer