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Audio Video Magazine of South Africa Rave the 3D Array System "hits the sweet spot in every respect".

Deon Schoeman of Audio Video Magazine (South Africa) writes in this rave review of the GoldenEar 3D Array Soundbar system: "The SuperCinema 3D Array has to be heard to be believed. It's one of those increasingly rare components that overdelivers on its seemingly exaggerated promise in every respect. And while its performance of multichannel material is compelling, it's the way it treats stereo that really sets the cat among the sonic pigeons."

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The Absolute Sound's Extraordinary Rave Triton One Review

Anthony Cordesman of The Absolute Sound writes in this new review of the GoldenEar Triton One: "The Triton Ones are one of the best buys in speakers I've had the chance to hear at anything like their price... but their real merit is that they provide sustained musical pleasure with exceptional realism. Highly recommended."

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Invisa HTR 7000 System is "Truly Holographic"

We all know that the Tritons are truly holographic, but an in-ceiling speaker? You bet, when we are talking about the GoldenEar HTR 7000s! As Dennis Burger, the Editor-in-Chief of HD Living describes in this rave review, "it was a truly unified holographic soundfield...the system did an incredible job of painting a wide soundstage that beautifully matched the onscreen image, as well as a huge immersive, multi-layered surround soundstage" 

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Tone Audio Raves about the Triton Seven

The Triton Seven has just received another amazing review, this time from Marc Marcantonio in Tone Audio Magazine's latest Issue (#64). "The shock of thunderous bass waves is what the GoldenEar Triton Seven speakers greet me with to start a surprising review experience ... The soundstage presented is a three-dimensional revelation-an audiophile nirvana experience, where the listener gets totally lost in the music. Every instrument has a place but at the same time comes from everywhere; it's stereo reproduction at its best."

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Rave Review Says SuperCenter XL is, Well, Super!

Gabe Lowe, writing for Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi, loved the SuperCenter XL, saying "I have been extremely satisfied with my entire GoldenEar system and the SuperCenter XL has been a fantastic addition...Not only is the range fantastic but performance throughout the range is superb."  He found it "a perfect match to the is truly a great example of how well the speaker also fits in with the Triton Towers. It is a perfectly seamless sound image across the front of the room."

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First Rave Review of the Triton One is Out!

Darryl Wilkinson was totally blown away and has let loose with a mind boggling rave review for our mind boggling Triton One, saying, "These speakers absolutely embalm the competition!". And, perhaps best of all, the ultimate compliment: "Even with your eyes open, it's practically impossible to make yourself realize that you're not listening to living, breathing human beings playing actual instruments in front of you."

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