The BRX Delivers Thrills

Mark Craven of HiFi News finds much to admire in our little wonder, the overachieving BRX, praising its well-balanced, thrilling yet non-fatiguing sound.

Glenn Young of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity partners our award-winning BRX speakers with our SuperSub X subwoofer, ties them together with AudioQuest cables, and puts the whole shebang through its paces.

Marc Phillips of Part-Time Audiophile says our BRX bookshelf speakers deliver a powerful, gutsy performance. “Unexpectedly magical,” he concludes.

The Cheap Audio Man is immediately impressed by the BRX’s robust bass, clear mids, and well-extended highs.’s Tom Lehman finds still more enthusiasm for the SuperCenter Reference.

Writing for, Tom Lehman puts our compact BRX through its paces with both music and movies in his theater and on his desktop.