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Australian HiFi Review and Test of Aon 3

Check out this great review from Australia on the Aon 3 (download PDF on this link). We love this comment about the Aon 3's bass response: "If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I would not have thought it possible. That’s pretty much exactly what I thought about the level of bass issuing from the Aon 3 speakers".

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Australian Hifi Magazine

Forbes Interviews GoldenEar Founder Sandy Gross

Check out this very fun interview by Geoffrey Morrison in Forbes, "12 Questions for Sandy Gross", with industry icon and GoldenEar founder and speaker designer Sandy Gross.

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Dennis Burger is "Thrilled" with the Triton Seven

At the end of his new Triton Seven review in, Dennis Burger sums it all up very nicely with this comment, "While I'm thrilled that GoldenEar Technology has brought such an involving listening experience down to such an attainable level, I still find myself a bit shocked that they're willing to let go of such a stunning aural work of art for so little money." 

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Fun Triton Seven Home Theater System Review in Secrets

Carlo Lo Raso's fantastic review of a full Triton Seven Home Theater setup concludes: "When combined with the SuperCenter XL, ForceField 5 and surrounding SuperSat 3s, you have one hell of a home theater system whose overall performance is far more than just the sum of its parts. Its sound will stun your friends, frighten your pets and make your children giggle with excitement. All this without having your spouse regard you crossly at your system's visual excess.."

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Secrets of Home Theater and Hifi

Another Rave Review for the Triton Seven

In this great new review of the Triton SevenJohn H. Darko raves in Digital Audio Review ( of Australia, "If ‘transparency’ and ‘clarity’ are loudspeaker personality traits, the Tritons could be described as some of the most confessionally honest going at their price point. You’d more than likely have to spend a considerably larger chunk of change to improve on the illusion of getting closer to the source..."

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DigitalTrends Raves, "Audiophile Nirvana...we literally got goosebumps"!

In this latest review, Caleb Denison of DigitalTrends says the Triton Seven is " ... a stunning example of how audiophile-grade sound can come from a speaker nearly anyone can afford ... GoldenEar's Triton Seven Brings Audiophile Nirvana to the Masses".

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