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Soundstage! Review, "Striking Gold" with the Triton Seven

In this latest review, Roger Kanno of Soundstage! says the Triton Seven is like "Striking gold ... a worthy addition to GoldenEar's line of excellent products. Let's face it -- not everyone wants or needs a big full-range speaker. If your needs are a tad more modest, the Triton Seven will still provide the big, impressive sound that I've come to expect from GoldenEar's larger floorstanding speakers, but from a smaller, less expensive package."  Exactly!

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"Meticulously Delightful" Aon 2 Review in Digital Audio Review

John H. Darko raves about the Aon 2 in this great review in Digital Audio Review ( of Australia, saying, "The Aon 2’s handling of separation and space is in a class of its own. There’s an abundance of nuance and flair when spinning everything from Biosphere to Kate Bush. Three words to bottle the Aon 2’s essence: clean, spacious, engaging ... the GoldenEar Aon 2 will reward with true emotional communication every time they’re fired up. Meticulously delightful."

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The Absolute Sound Raves About the Triton Seven

Chris Martens, in his new review of the Triton Seven in The Absolute Sound Magazine, raves, "GoldenEar Hits One Out of the Park!" calling the Triton Seven "a masterpiece of value-oriented engineering that will not easily be matched or surpassed".

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The Absolute Sound Magazine

Great Aon 2 Review by Steven Stone in

Steven Store writes about the Aon 2, when used as a nearfield monitor, "It delivers substantial bass extension for a speaker of its size, as well as generating a big, well-defined soundstage. On a desktop, the Aon 2 can play loudly, even when driven by a modestly-powered amplifier. In the audiophile world, these speakers represent a pretty fantastic value, and in a home theater, you are going to be in for a treat."

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Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to GoldenEar Founder Sandy Gross

The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) 2013 presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Sandy Gross, founder and president of GoldenEar Technology. This year, HTSA announced the return of one of its most coveted honors, the Lifetime Achievement Award. HTSA director Bob Hana presented the honor, saying "Sandy Gross has dedicated his life to the creation of high performance, award-winning loudspeakers, arming not just HTSA members but the entire Specialty A/V and Custom Integration community with dependable, affordable audio solutions consumers can rely on. Sandy has been an incredible driving force across our industry. His commitment to his craft has resulted in a wealth of products and applications". Sandy was quoted as saying, "I'm not done yet...!".

Sandy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

GoldenEar Wows With Invisa Home Theater at CEDIA 2013

Darryl Wilkinson in his Sound & Vision CEDIA 2013 Wrap Up, "A Few of My Favorite Things", says of the Invisa demo: "What I didn't anticipate was how well the Invisa HTR 7000s were able to fool you into thinking that you were listening to a floorstanding arrangement of LCR speakers in front of you rather than a trio of architectural speakers installed in the ceiling above the TV." 

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