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Stereophile's Bob Reina Raves the Aon 2 is," A Stunning Achievement"!

Robert Reina loved the Aon 2, saying " much detail as I've heard with much more expensive speakers ... the lower midrange had a warm richness that made it sound like a much larger speaker ... the Aon 2s low-end extension and naturalness through the mid bass also suggested a larger more expensive speaker".

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Sound & Vision Magazine Raves Triton Seven Speaker System is "Absolutely Magical"

Darryl Wilkinson sums up his stellar review of the Triton Seven Home Theater speaker system in the November issue of Sound & Vision Magazine by saying, they are "a serious, reference-quality set of speakers for music as well as home theater".

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Audiophiliac Raves Triton Seven is a Perfect 10!

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, on CNET writes "The GoldenEar Triton Seven sets a new standard ... the believability of the sound was astonishing ... No comparably priced towers can touch the Triton Sevens ...".

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First Rave Triton Seven Review Unleashed

Sound & Vision Editor-in-chief Mike Mettler reviews the brand new Triton Seven tower loudspeaker, concluding: "They'll put a smile on your face. Not only that, they'll likely become your next reference speakers, just as they've become mine". Read it online here or pick up the September Issue.

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Sound & Vision Magazine

Aon 2 Reviewed by Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

"Compared to the $350/pair bookshelf speakers I had on hand, which were really well reviewed when available, the cheaper pair had a harsh, metallic treble and no bass response when compared to the Aon2. After a couple of tracks, I just stopped the comparison since there was really no point in continuing an unfair fight. The value that GoldenEar has packed into the Aon2 for the price is really remarkable." writes Chris Heinonen of Secrets in this detailed and thorough review.

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Secrets of Home Theater

SuperCinema 3D Array Soundbar Reviewed

"The (GoldenEar) SuperCinema 3D Array is an excellent L/C/R cornerstone for a high-performance sub/sat system - the fact that the front three channels just so happen to be placed in one sleek, elegant, low-profile cabinet that can blend stylishly into just about any décor ... well, that's just gravy." writes Adrienne Maxwell of in this comprehensive and fun review.

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