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Secrets of High Fidelity Reviews SuperCinema 50 System

In his review of the complete SuperCinema 50home theater speaker system, Jim Milton of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity writes "Sandy Gross and team have really put their years of experience to work with the SuperCinemas. My overall impression was that the system could play loudly with no hint of strain. The bass was very powerful in my room.  Even when I turned the volume way up, the SuperCinema never complained." Click the image below to read the entire review.

Secrets of High Fidelity Review Cover

Home Theater Geeks Interview with Sandy Gross

Watch the interview featuring GoldenEar Technology founder, speaker designer and industry icon Sandy Gross on Scott Wilkinson's "Home Theater Geeks Live" Episode 59 from March 28th.

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PerfectVision Reviews TritonCinema Two

In his comprehensive review of the complete TritonCinema Two home theater speaker system. Chris Martens writes "GoldenEar’s TritonCinema Two system qualifies as a true benchmark product as it establishes new highwater marks in terms of performance per dollar, while also exhibiting certain performance characteristics (such as almost eerily-good 3D imaging and soundstaging) that are tough to beat at any price." Click the image below to read and/or download the entire review.

PerfectVision Review of TritonCinema Two

Electronic House Hands On: GoldenEar Triton Two Speakers

"Boss speakers from the speaker Boss" writes Grant Clauser in his very thorough review of the Triton Two in Electronic House. Identifying the uniqueness of the product, he writes: "GoldenEar speakers aren’t just more branded boxes with drivers built in. These are audiophile speakers with uniquely engineered technology. They’re different than anything else on the market, and that alone made them worth checking out." Click on the image below to read the full review.

Electronic House Triton Two Review

Home Theater Magazine Reviews TritonCinema Two

In his rave review of the TritonCinema Two system, Darryl Wilkinson concludes "It sounds like a five figure system and yet costs less than $3500. That's the equivalent of getting a Tesla Roadster for the price of a Prius(!!!!)... The combination of appearance, performance and price is flat-out spectacular."  Click on the image below to read and/or download the full review.

Home Theater Magazine review of TritonCinema Two Reviews the ForceField 4 Subwoofer

In his review,'s Andrew Robinson felt “the ForceField 4 is musical with two-channel fare, offering up plenty of low-end heft without sounding boomy or sluggish”, and “With films, especially high-octane action films on Blu-ray disc, the ForceField 4 is near perfect in my opinion providing ample slam, impact and low-end texture … even in my larger, reference system, it had the legs to fill my room with copious amounts of bass.”

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