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New Rave Review Spotlight on the Triton Seven

In this terrific new review by Deon Schoeman in South Africa's premier hifi publication, Audio Video, he sets the tone early on beginning with, "It is not only the most affordable floorstander in the GoldenEar range, but also one of the most talented." , concluding, "And that's the bottom line here: the Triton Sevens sound big and powerful, with an excellent tonal range that reaches down lower than expected, while also doing full justice to the rest of the spectrum. Add transparency, detail retrieval and an overall sense of sonic cohesion, and the result is an excellent speaker that should cost a lot more--and because it doesn't, it also earns kudos for value and affordability."

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Latest Rave Review on the New Triton Three+

A slew of new rave reviews on the fantastic Triton "+" speakers are on the way, here's another one, this time from Roger Kanno of Soundstage Network"I was astounded by its neutrality...with a clean midrange and an equally extended treble that were unusual for a speaker at this price...the bass, too, went surprisingly deep for a speaker at this size....The soundstage was very wide - the sounds of the brass, the cymbals and the long delay of the gong stretched far behind the speakers."

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GoldenEar Triton One Triumphs Again, Delivering," Majestic Performance"

Another fabulous Triton One review, this time from Deon Schoeman, a top reviewer with South Africa's Audio Video Magazine. Deon simply fell in love with the Triton One, raving about their, "Majestic Performance", saying, "They have a knack for reaching right into the essence of the music, and to apply their combination of power, pace, precision and scale to create a thrilling and thoroughly believable listening experience...Best of all, at a price considerably less than their indisputably high-end performance suggests, adding real value to a potent and desirable speaker package."

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Incredible Absolute Sound Review for the Incredible SuperSub XXL

The Absolute Sound's Jacob Heilbrunn writes in this new review of the SuperSub XXL, "Exceedingly tuneful, pitch accurate, and speedy subwoofer...a sleek and svelte performer that, when called upon, will deliver tremendous wallop...the (SuperSub) XXLs are not good; they're superb."

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SuperSub XXL Scores Another Rave Review

In this new AVS Forum review of the SuperSub XXL, Mark Henninger raves, " sign of a great sub is when the lowest tones (30Hz and below) sound clean and free of audible distortion, even when cranking the volume. Other hints of greatness include the ability to render subtle textures and energize an entire room, even at modest output levels...I found the SuperSub XXL delivered on all those counts."

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Triton Two+ Triumphs with Another Extraordinary Rave Review!

Todd Anderson of Home Theater Shack writes in his rave review of the new Triton Two+, "It's a total category buster ... Physically speaking, the Tritons have an eye-catching aerodynamic design...Overall fit and finish is top notch and the feel of materials is exceptional ... a sonic force that your ears deserve to hear."

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