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Secrets of Home Theater Raves the Triton Two+ System is "Untouchable"

Yongki Go, writing about the Triton Two+ and Triton Two+ 5.1 system for Secrets of Home Theater, raves "I was immediately impressed by the all-around performance of these speakers. The Triton Two+ speakers produce well-balanced sound across the audible frequency spectrum: awesome rich-in-detail highs and full articulate bass. The full 5 speaker surround setup delivers stereo and Home-theater performances that excel in all critical aspects of the sound ... these speakers set the performance bar very high by any standard, so high that it is almost untouchable in their price class. Moreover, credit goes to the versatile Triton Two+ with their highly dynamic sound, capable of producing full-range bass in the TritonCinema five-speaker system for an impactful yet refined home-theater surround performance. Highly recommended!"

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New Record Day Video Review of the Triton Three+

Ron Brenay from reviews the GoldenEar Triton 3+ Loudspeakers on the New Record Day YouTube channel, saying "Yeah, the GoldenEar Technology Triton 3+'s really do tickle me in all the right places and I gotta say, team GoldenEar has a real winner on their hands." 

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GoldenEar Awarded US Patent for Its Unique New Subwoofer Technology

We are pleased to announce that our unique Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced Subwoofer Technology is no longer just patent pending. On October 4, 2016 the US Patent Office awarded GoldenEar US patent number US 9,462,391 B2, for this breakthrough technology. This patented technology is fully incorporated in both the award winning SuperSub XXL, which has been shipping in the US for the past year, as well as the just released SuperSub X.

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Hifi+ Goes Bonkers Over Triton Fives

Alan Sircom, the editor of Hifi+, begins by making it absolutely clear where he is going by saying, "If there was ever a speaker that best encapsulates 'affordable excellence' in audio, it would be the GoldenEar Triton Five". His conclusion, "... you are buying an exceptionally good loudspeaker that shows its rivals a clean pair of heels ... At the price it has no peers"

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Absolute Sound Selects the Triton Five as a "Greatest Bargain in High End Audio"

The Absolute Sound Magazine has included the GoldenEar Triton Five in their prestigious list of the 40 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio. Below is a link to their review of the Triton Five, which reviewer, Jacob Heilbrunn, said were, "A Must Audition".

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Positive Feedback says the SuperSub XXL is "Fantastic!"

Greg Petan in Positive Feedback writes about adding the SuperSub XXL to his system, saying, "The inclusion of the SuperSub XXLs pushes the fun meter deep in the red ... the first impression is one of great musicality, speed and effortless power ... Everything I threw at the SuperSub XXLs subwoofers sounded fantastic. They brought music and soundtracks to life in a way that is very compelling ... Build quality and design are both first rate... The subs received oohs and aahs from visitors ... GoldenEar Technology has really done it right with their SuperSub XXL ... Go for it and have the time of your audio life!."  Then, perhaps the ultimate compliment, "My wife even basked in the SuperSub XXLs' performance, saying, 'Wow, this sounds amazing, the subs really sound great!'."

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