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SuperSub XXL Scores Another Rave Review

In this new AVS Forum review of the SuperSub XXL, Mark Henninger raves, " sign of a great sub is when the lowest tones (30Hz and below) sound clean and free of audible distortion, even when cranking the volume. Other hints of greatness include the ability to render subtle textures and energize an entire room, even at modest output levels...I found the SuperSub XXL delivered on all those counts."

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Triton Two+ Triumphs with Another Extraordinary Rave Review!

Todd Anderson of Home Theater Shack writes in his rave review of the new Triton Two+, "It's a total category buster ... Physically speaking, the Tritons have an eye-catching aerodynamic design...Overall fit and finish is top notch and the feel of materials is exceptional ... a sonic force that your ears deserve to hear."

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First Triton Three+ Review is Absolutely "Terrific"

As Steven Rochlin writes in Enjoy the Music, the new Triton Three+ is "One of the industry's best bargains ... This may be the one bargain-priced loudspeaker to rule them all ... the Triton Three+ easily works for audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts and video gamers." 

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Audioholics Reviews the "Remarkable" Triton Seven

In Marshall Guthrie's review of the Triton Seven tower speakers in Audioholics, he raves that they "represent a low barrier of entry to the highly praised GoldenEar sound.  They offer a remarkably spacious stereo reproduction, and smooth frequency response.  Their low-frequency reproduction is understated, but far from anemic, and the Triton Seven make for a terrific 2.0 system in smaller rooms.  While their looks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s tough to argue with the performance for the price." 

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Sandy's "Tell it All-True Confessions" Interview in Stereophile

Several months ago Stereophile's editor John Atkinson approached and asked if Sandy would do an interview for publication in the magazine. John put him together with David Lander, an exceptional journalist who has been in audio for decades. This is not a product-centric type of interview, it's more Sandy's life and times in audio with some interesting segues.

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CNET Raves, "Size matters: The mighty GoldenEar Technology Triton One tower speakers"

Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac, raves in his CNET Review of the Triton One: "I put on some acid jazz from St Germain, and right away the Triton Ones' subwoofers proved their mettle. The fat beats were so deep I literally felt the music through my feet! The pulse was irresistible. Few audiophile speakers in the Triton One's price class can match its air-moving capabilities... I found that the treble was clear and refined, while the drums had plenty of kick and power. The Triton One takes on all genres and never falters."

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