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Another SPEAKER OF THE YEAR Triumph for the Triton One

The Triton One has won Speaker of the Year, or similar honors, from virtually every significant audio publication in North America, as well as many all around the world. Here is another fabulous review, as well as yet another Speaker of the Year honor, for the Triton One. This one is by Mike Mettler on his Hi Res Audio Central website. In honoring the speaker with the HRAC Speaker of the Year, Mike raves, "these are the absolute best speakers I've ever had the pleasure to listen to day in and day out...The Triton Ones deliver exactly what I want to hear, with everything I play through them, no matter what the genre or recording media accessed. Frankly, they deliver more than I've expected. I'm constantly amazed at the 'I've never heard that before!' response elicited with material I've listened to countless times on other speakers, as well as the overall wowness factor whenever I cue up something brand new."

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Sound&Vision Raves New Triton Two+ is "A Magic Makeover"

In this first review, by Darryl Wilkinson, on the new Triton Two+, Atmos with a Golden Touch, they are part of a signature quality Atmos System, done right, with four Invisa HTR 7000s in the ceiling as height speakers, two Invisa MPXs as rear surrounds, and a SuperCenter XXL. "All the speakers sounded like one coherent unit, instead of separate speakers that happened to have been thrown together." And of the new Triton Two+, "What I emphatically say now about the Triton Two+ speakers--is that the sound quality is so good that GoldenEar's speakers would still be highly recommended even if they cost three times as much. The fact that they don't is one more reason why they are so damned impressive."

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Dagogo on the Triton One: Our Best Review Ever?

Greg Petan in his review of the Triton One for Dagogo raved,  "Unbelievably capable, accessible to the music lover of nearly any realistic budget and from the lineage of true audiophile royalty, stating that the Triton One is a no-brainer simply does not go far enough. I will go out on a limb and state the GoldenEar Triton One may be The finest deal in all of high end audio."

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Digital Trends Calls the SuperSub XXL "Like King Kong in a Tux"

Caleb Denison, in his review of the SuperSub XXL, raved "The SuperSub XXL not only hit that low-low tone, but hit it with great gusto; so much, in fact that those in the room couldn't keep from grinning ... so musical and lightning quick we were taken aback, we're not sure if we're more impressed with the quality of the SuperSub XXL's performance, or the fact that it does the job of two or three subwoofers all on its own. It is brutally powerful, remarkably balanced, surprisingly agile, and very versatile; one moment it's punching you in the gut, the next, soothing your soul. But none of that means anything if you can't hear it in your room, and in our experience, the SuperSub XXL excelled at just that... nobody has ever produced a subwoofer quite like it."

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SuperCinema 3D Array XL 5.1 System an AVS BEST for Their 2015 Gift Guide

From their 2015 Gift Guide, “Whether you use it to listen to music or movies, the SuperCinema 3D Array XL 5.1 system performs at a level that transcends the soundbar category. It is an audiophile-quality system that happens to fit underneath or above a TV, and it’s equally adept at playing 2-channel and surround-sound content. It’s the first soundbarI’ve heard that I could live with as my primary sound system.” One year later, that 3D Array XL 5.1 package remains the best soundbar-based system I’ve ever heard—bar none.

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Triton Five an AVS Performance Pick for Their 2015 Gift Guide

From their 2015 Gift Guide, "Every time I revisit the Triton Fives for a listening session, my jaw drops. The Triton Five is a 2-way tower speaker featuring a folded-ribbon tweeter and dual 6″ woofers arranged in a D’Appolito array. The tall, sleek tower looks thoroughly modern and almost mysterious wrapped in matte-black cloth. The soundfield they create is lush, detailed, and has depth as well as width to it. The listening experience the Triton Fives provide is at once pleasing and thrilling, with detail and nuance that you’d only expect to hear coming from considerably pricier speakers."

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