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Another Amazing Triton One Review; from New Zealand, No Less!

One of New Zealand's top reviewers, Gary Steele, in, was very taken by the Triton One, saying it was "something that turned up out of the blue to blow your mind ... through a deft and clever combination of design flair and engineering, GoldenEar has created a loudspeaker sound that is awe-inspiringly 3D/holographic, effortless at any volume, able to render an extraordinary eclectic mixture of music with aplomb, and can produce the king of window-rattling bass you thought could only ever come from a dedicated/separate subwoofer."

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HTR Raves SuperCinema 3D Array XL "Is the Best Sounding SoundBar"

This fantastic review from Brian Kahn in Home Theater Review says it all. He loved the 3D Array XL with both music and movies, saying "if I could live with it as my only system for both music and movies? In short, the answer is yes, I could do so....happily ... the 3D Array XL produces a large, deep soundstage ... competitive with high-end freestanding speakers ... airy highs, clear vocals ... The GoldenEar 3D Array XL is the best-sounding soundbar I have heard." 

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Strata-Gee Goes Absolutely Bonkers Over the New SuperSub XXL

Ted Green, after hearing our demo at the CEDIA trade show, raves, "The sound was terrific--perhaps one of the best Atmos demos at the show. Surprisingly, the front L/C/R channels gave an absolutely believable performance with sound imaging precisely from the screen. The soundstage was seamless and expansive. The dialogue was precisely centered and the special effects whirled around....and thanks to Atmos, over us."  However, "What really caught our attention was the bass and effects sounds from the SuperSub XXL. Not only did the SuperSub XXL meet or exceed their competition in pumping out tidal waves of deep, heart-stopping low frequencies--but it was hands-down the most controlled and tightest bass we've heard yet...from anyone."

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Amazing Rave Review of Our Incredible Invisible Atmos System

In his review, Mark Henninger  raves, "The amazing thing about the Ultimate Invisa Lifestyle Atmos System was how well it worked right off the bat". (It delivered) a front soundstage that creates an absolutely convincing illusion that there are speakers located right in front of you, even though your eyes confirm there is nothing but air."

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First Rave Review of the New SuperSub XXL

Carlo Lo Raso of Secrets of Home Theater writes, "When listening to music in particular, you really start to notice the different pitches down in the low end more. Plucks of a standup bass, a piano hammer hitting a low A, and kick drums all seemed to deliver a clearer sonic story versus the typical 'thump, thwack, or thud' from some other subs I've heard."

Click here to read the full reviewSecrets of Home Theater and Hi-Fidelity

Piero Gabucci Raves Triton One is a "Game Changer"

In his new Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity review of the Triton One towers, Piero Gabucci gets started with the simple statement, "It does what every speaker strives for, clean clear and natural sound", but than elaborates "... remarkably very much live-sounding .... reverberates throughout my own space; rattling pictures on walls, flutters my pants leg and sends deep chills through my stomach ... it will blow you away...I find that epic."  Click the link to read more of this fun review. 

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