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Triton Ones Rock'em Down Under

Even though the speakers sell for substantially more in Australia than in the US, ($8495 vs. $5000 a pair), as you will see in this review from AV Hub Magazine, they still deliver outstanding value.  "We went through a very wide range of stereo music with these speakers, with exceptional results." ... and ... "With movies these speakers were first class in every respect...and how about as a subwoofer replacement? In this department they were easily the best we think we've ever used." 

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The Big Shootout: $2,000 Triton Fives vs. $30,000 Super-Speakers

DigitalTrends' Caleb Denison orchestrates an official, real-time, head to head shootout with the $2,000/pr Triton Fives in the "ring" with Technics new, $30,000 Reference Class R-1. The result? "The GoldenEar Triton Fives, on the other hand, are reasonably attainable for nearly anyone willing to save up a few bucks, and they deliver outstanding sound quality for the price, making them the clear winner in this unlikely match-up."

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Brent Butterworth Reviews the Triton Five

Highly regarded reviewer Brent Butterworth writes in his review of the GoldenEar Triton Fives, "Every time I listened to it, I marveled at how great it sounded with all the music I threw at it ... It really does deliver the sense that a real instrument is playing in the room, perhaps more so than the other speakers I've mentioned". Click the link to go to this fantastic review. 

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The Absolute Sound Steps Up Next to Rave About the Triton Fives

"For anyone considering a loudspeaker under $10,000, the Triton Five is not just an option. It's a must-audition."  raves The Absolute Sound's Jacob Heilbrunn in this new review of the Triton Five. Click the link to read all of this fabulous review. 

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First Look Rave Review of the SuperCenter XXL

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity's Robert Kozel raves, "The biggest takeaway for me with the SuperCenter XXL was its ability to produce sound with such clarity that I forgot I was listening to a speaker ... brought me closer to the characters than ever before."  Check out all of Robert's comments in this insightful first look preview. 

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Digital Trends Rave Preview and Video of Triton Five

Caleb Denison of Digital Trends raves about the Triton Five towers, saying, "So to get the amazing sound quality out of the Triton Five that the team at GoldenEar Technology has achieved for $2,000 (pr) is nothing short of a coup in high-end audio. Ever hear of the law of diminishing returns? The Triton Five redefines it."  Click the link to check out the full preview and the great intro video.

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