Shane Bollin tests the ForceField 40 subwoofer with some of his favorite demo tracks and is impressed by its combination of extension, impact, and resolution.

Chris Kelly of listens to the Triton Sevens and gets absolutely hooked on the music.

Sound & Vision’s David Vaughn puts the new ForceField 40 through its paces and deems it worthy of the magazine’s Top Pick Award. “If music is your main passion, you’ll love what the ForceField 40 brings to the table,” he concludes.

TAS’s Tom Martin adds the ForceField 30 compact sub to the BRX bookshelf speakers and likes what he hears.

The Triton Three+’s combination of extended highs, warm mids, and deep bass make them perfect for music and movies, says Secrets’ Glenn Young.

Michael Lavorgna of spent quality time with our Triton One.R floorstanding towers, and praised its room-filling, mind-opening, and body-moving sound.