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CEDIA 2014 Press Recap - GoldenEar Does Atmos Right

GoldenEar's CEDIA Atmos Demo Was a "CEDIA's Best". CEDIA this year was the big introduction of Dolby Atmos for the home, and GoldenEar was right there in the thick of it with what the press called "The Best Real Home-Atmos Demo at CEDIA". The system was based on the spectacular Triton One as the left/right mains, with Triton Twos for L/R surrounds, with all four built-in Triton subwoofers handling the LFE channel! A SuperCenter XL completed the 5.1 system, and four Invisa HTR-7000s added the Atmos "height" channels for a complete 5.1.4 Atmos home theater system, "done right".

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Forbes Interviews GoldenEar Founder Sandy Gross

Check out this very fun interview by Geoffrey Morrison in Forbes, "12 Questions for Sandy Gross", with industry icon and GoldenEar founder and speaker designer Sandy Gross.

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Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to GoldenEar Founder Sandy Gross

The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) 2013 presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Sandy Gross, founder and president of GoldenEar Technology. This year, HTSA announced the return of one of its most coveted honors, the Lifetime Achievement Award. HTSA director Bob Hana presented the honor, saying "Sandy Gross has dedicated his life to the creation of high performance, award-winning loudspeakers, arming not just HTSA members but the entire Specialty A/V and Custom Integration community with dependable, affordable audio solutions consumers can rely on. Sandy has been an incredible driving force across our industry. His commitment to his craft has resulted in a wealth of products and applications". Sandy was quoted as saying, "I'm not done yet...!".

Sandy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

GoldenEar Wows With Invisa Home Theater at CEDIA 2013

Darryl Wilkinson in his Sound & Vision CEDIA 2013 Wrap Up, "A Few of My Favorite Things", says of the Invisa demo: "What I didn't anticipate was how well the Invisa HTR 7000s were able to fool you into thinking that you were listening to a floorstanding arrangement of LCR speakers in front of you rather than a trio of architectural speakers installed in the ceiling above the TV." 

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3D Array: A Soundbar Surprise at CES 2013 for The Stereo Times

"The GoldenEar Technology SuperCinema 3D Array soundbar ($999) was a real surprise. I was enjoying the music in this room without realizing I was listening to a sound bar." writes The Stereo Times' Don Shaulis in his CES 2013 Show Report.

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