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PerfectVision/AVguide Comments on New Aon Speakers at CEDIA 2011

Chris Martens - CEDIA 2011: GoldenEar founder Sandy Gross explained the genesis of the Aon design by saying that a colleague had raved to him about the performance of an exotic, $6000/pair of stand-mount monitors. After hearing the monitors, and reflecting on what he had heard, Gross was convinced that the GoldenEar design team, led by GoldenEar co-founder Don Givogue, could create a product that could meet or beat that level of performance, but at a much lower price. The result is the Aon design.

After hearing a variety of pieces of music on the Aon 3s in the GoldenEar booth, we suspect Gross and company are on to something. As it happens, I visited the GoldenEar booth just after hearing a very expensive floorstanding speaker elsewhere at the show, and I felt the Aon 3 was—on the whole—the better speaker.

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Electronic House visits GoldenEar Technology at CEDIA 2011

September 13, 2011 | by Grant Clauser - About a year ago speaker veteran Sandy Gross launches a new company, GoldenEar. Because his designs have been the center of so many successful speaker brands, many people in the industry had high hopes for what the speaker boss would do next.

The results didn’t disappoint. The company’s first products, the Triton Two tower speakers, TritonCinemas and SuperCinema satellite system won instant praise. Now, a year after the launch, the company is expanding with powerful, but compact, bookshelf models as well as architectural speakers for installation in ceilings and walls.

After sitting in on a listening session, we got Gross to talk about the new products:

GoldenEar Introduces New Speaker Models at CEDIA 2011

"Five of these and a sub would make a killer home theater system" reported Home Theater Magazine's Mark Fleischmann in his first listen comments on the new GoldenEar Aon Speakers which debuted at this year's CEDIA show.

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Home Theater Geeks Interview with Sandy Gross

Watch the interview featuring GoldenEar Technology founder, speaker designer and industry icon Sandy Gross on Scott Wilkinson's "Home Theater Geeks Live" Episode 59 from March 28th.

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Ultimate AV CES Report

Ultimate AV’s Scott Wilkinson says GoldenEar’s Triton Two demo was “one of the biggest sensations at CES” and the TritonCinema System is “an ultimate value in my book.”

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