Subwoofer: ForceField Series

GoldenEar’s award-winning subwoofer ForceField Series has been engineered from the
ground up to combine subtle musical detail with earth-shaking high-impact power;
all in attractive, compact enclosures which blend well into any environment.

– Andrew Robinson in his Review of the ForceField 4

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Subwoofer: ForceField Series Overview

Subwoofer ForceField Series The ForceField Subwoofers’ unique and attractive cabinet shape, with its non-parallel cabinet walls (the top is narrower than the bottom when viewed from the front), helps the ForceField subs achieve extraordinarily deep and tuneful bass that is ideal for music and movies. Their cutting-edge amplifier design employs state-of-the-art DSP control for frequency shaping so the subwoofer produces accurate, consistent and musical bass performance.

Let's take a look at the ForceField subwoofers to see what makes them special. We'll start with two very common subwoofer design concepts and then we'll delve into GoldenEar's unique and better solutions. Many of today's subwoofers fall into either the ultra-compact high-output category, or the (larger) high performance, extended response, high-output category. These two design types tend to offer different performance benefits, the ultra compact having the ability to play extremely loud, but over a narrower bandwidth and the large subs having this high output plus more extended response.

GoldenEar's engineering team set out to accomplish the best of both worlds with the ForceField subwoofers: small size, yet with the smooth & wide response of a larger sub. There's no sleight of hand, just great engineering - all ForceField subwoofers share the same technologies, here is a list of their features. Read through these and then take a good demo disc into your GoldenEar dealer's sound room and listen for yourself.
  • Custom-designed high-output drivers with very large motor assemblies. These drivers handle massive power, have very long excursions, and have ultra-low distortion.
  • Rigid cabinets with non-parallel sides to minimize standing waves and distortion. The drivers are front firing in all of our subwoofers for optimal performance. The cabinets' possess a unique and understated shape and style that matches well with any décor.
  • The driver's response is enhanced with a carefully tuned, down-firing, quadratic-shaped passive radiator (no noisy ports on ForceField subs). The quadratic shape allows the radiators to use maximum surface area on the bottom of the cabinets and gets even greater output from the slot-loading that results from the subwoofers' interface with the floor (see next point).
  • The soft, energy-absorbing feet provided with every ForceField sub serve a number of functions. First, they hold the subwoofer at the correct distance off the floor so the passive radiator slot-loads with it for significantly increased output at the lowest frequencies. Second, the soft feet keep the subwoofer from dancing around on the floor.
  • ForceField subwoofer amplifiers are designed in-house by GoldenEar engineering, so each is the perfect amp to power its specific subwoofer model. In addition, the amps all have powerful DSP sections to optimize frequency response, minimize distortion and prevent damage from overdriving. These amplifiers are all low distortion and extraordinarily powerful (up to 1500 watts on the ForceField 5) for reproducing seriously high-output AND low bass.
  • ForceField subs all have speaker-level inputs and outputs (with a high pass crossover on the outputs) as well as a direct LFE input, too.

We realize there is a huge selection of subs on the market - but by incorporating the latest technology, and not a rehash of the last five years', we know ForceField subs offer a real value. There is nothing available at these price points that will play lower or louder, with less noise and distortion, than the ForceField subs. Our ForceField subs are almost as small as many of the ultra compact models, yet they outperform many of the big boys. Listen for yourself and be amazed! And these great subs start at just $549.99.

Finish on the subwoofers is an attractive matte black.

10 Inch Subwoofer ForceField 4

10 Inch Subwoofer - ForceField 4

The compact 10 inch subwoofer ForceField 4 incorporates the same 1200-watt digital amp developed for the Triton Two. It drives a front-mounted high-power ultra-long-throw 10” sub-bass driver coupled to a downward-firing 11”x 13-7/8” quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. Click here to read the Brochure.

8 Inch Subwoofer ForceField 3

8 Inch Subwoofer - ForceField 3

The ultra-compact 8 inch subwoofer ForceField 3 is the smallest and most affordable ForceField sub - but don't let its small size and price fool you, with its 1000-watt digital amp, 8” high-power long-throw active driver and 9-5/8”x 11-3/8” quadratic planar infrasonic radiator, this baby ROCKS! Click here to read the Brochure.




Subwoofer: ForceField Series Specifications


ForceField 3


ForceField 4

(height is with feet installed)
  11-3/8˝ (28.9 cm) W x
15-3/4˝ (40 cm) D x
11-1/2˝ (29.2 cm) H

  13-3/8˝ (34 cm) W x
17-7/8˝ (45.4 cm) D x
13-1/8˝ (33.3 cm) H
Weight   Product: 26 lbs (11.8 kg) /
Shipping: 31 lbs (14.1 kg)

  Product: 32 lbs (14.5 kg) /
Shipping: 39 lbs (17.7 kg)
Frequency Response   18 Hz - 250 Hz

  14 Hz - 250 Hz
Amplifier   1000 watt ForceField Digital Amplifier

  1200 watt ForceField Digital Amplifier
Driver Complement   One - 8˝ Long-Throw High-Output Bass Driver

One - 9˝ x 11˝ Quadratic Planar
Infrasonic Radiator

  One - 10˝ Long-Throw High-Output Bass Driver

One - 11˝ x 13˝ Quadratic Planar
Infrasonic Radiator

Speaker Level High‐Pass Filter   6 dB per octave at 150 Hz (approx.)

  6 dB per octave at 150 Hz (approx.)
Speaker Level Low‐Pass Filter   12 dB per octave continuously variable from 40 - 150 Hz

  12 dB per octave continuously variable from 40 - 150 Hz
Low‐Level Input (Mono)   Unfiltered (no low-pass),
direct coupled

  Unfiltered (no low-pass),
direct coupled


State-of-the-art GoldenEar Technology Drivers


Ultra-Long-Throw Sub_Bass Driver   Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator
Ultra-Long-Throw Sub-Bass Driver
Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator
  • Ultra-Long-Throw High-Output Bass Driver for Powerful Room-Shaking Bass
  • Superior Transient Performance for Exceptional Detail
  • Computer Optimized Ultra-Stiff Fiber Cone
  • Massive High-Gauss Magnet Assembly
  • Pressure-Coupled Loading Extends Usable Bass Performance to the Infrasonic Region
  • Performs Like a well-Tuned Transmission Line but with Superior transient Performance and Control
  • Creates slot-loading with the floor for higher output at the lowest frequencies



Subwoofer: ForceField Series Manual & Literature


ForceField Subwoofers Manual ForceField Subwoofers Brochure  
ForceField Subwoofers Manual ForceField Subwoofers Brochure  
ForceField Cinema SystemShown: SuperSat 3, SuperSat 3C, ForceField 3

ForceField Subwoofers Recommended System Components

The ForceField subwoofers are a fantastic addition to any music and/or home theater system. The ForceField subwoofers can be used as the primary low frequency player in a mains plus sub system when used with the GoldenEar non-powered models (Triton Five, Triton Seven, Aons, SuperSats and 3D Array soundbars) and also as a movie effects player for systems based on our powered Triton Towers (Triton Reference, Triton One.R, Triton Two and Triton Three). Adding a SuperSub to a powered Triton based system for LFE channel reproduction can be used either: 1) In addition to the powered subwoofers in the Triton towers to maximize in-room bass smoothness, or 2) Instead of using the Tower's subwoofers for LFE to maximize playing ceiling and dynamic range. And of course even better yet would be two ForceField subs in any of the possible systems. See the list of popular system options below.

GoldenEar engineers voice all of our speakers to the same high standards, perfectly complementing and matching each other in order to give you the greatest flexibility in creating your system, so you can mix and match and always achieve perfect results!

See the list of popular system options below, click here for more on DESIGNING GOLDENEAR ATMOS SYSTEMS.

Triton Reference, Triton One.R, Triton Two+, Triton Three+, Triton Five, Triton Seven, Aon 2, Aon 3, 3D Array X, 3D Array XL, SuperSat 60, Invisa SPS, Invisa MPX, Invisa 650, Invisa 525 (In-Wall), Invisa HTR 7000 (In-Ceiling),

SuperCenter X, SuperCenter XL, SuperCenter Reference, SuperSat 3C ,SuperSat 50C, SuperSat 60C

Aon 2, Aon 3, SuperSat 3, SuperSat 50, SuperSat 60, Invisa 525, Invisa 650, Invisa HTR 7000, Invisa MPX MultiPolar

Invisa 525, Invisa 650, Invisa HTR 7000, SuperSat 3C


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