Satellite Speakers: SuperSat Series

GoldenEar makes an extensive range of high-performance SuperSat satellite speakers and center channel
loudspeakers which perfectly fulfill a wide variety of needs and applications and that
"sets a new standard for lifestyle-friendly speakers".

– Mark Fleischman in his Home Theater Magazine Review of the SuperCinema 3 System

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Best Satellite Speakers SuperSat 60

SuperSat Satellite Speaker Models Overview

Satellite Speaker Stands SuperSat 60

Every GoldenEar SuperSat satellite speaker model takes advantage of the extraordinary GoldenEar High‐Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) design tweeter. The HVFR tweeter propagates sound waves and moves the air by squeezing it with its accordion‐like pleated diaphragm, rather than pushing it as conventional drivers do. The result is better impedance matching to the air in the room with greater control, smoother more extended response with lower distortion and dramatically improved dynamic range. Each SuperSat speaker model also utilizes GoldenEar’s ground‐breaking 4.5" cast-basket upper bass/midrange drivers, which incorporate our proprietary Multi-Vaned Phase Plug design (MVPP™) as well as our proprietary computer optimized cone topology, arranged in a D’Appolito array surrounding the HVFR tweeter.

SuperSat 60/60C Satellite Speakers Overview

The SuperSat 60 and 60C (SuperSat 60 - left, shown on optional Table/Shelf stand) are larger, more powerful versions of our award-winning SuperSat 50 and 50C. They are designed to complement 60" and larger screens when used as left and right channels and mounted vertically next to them, as well as all screen sizes when used as a horizontal center channel or mounted on their optional stands. They provide a larger, more powerful, higher power-handling step-up from our SuperSat 50C when used as a center channel paired with any of our Triton Towers or with any of our other speakers including the SuperSat 50s.

The sleek, attractively sculpted cabinet follows the same design philosophy that won the SuperSat 50 the highly respected Resi Award as the industry’s best looking on-wall loudspeaker. It is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and finished in gorgeous piano-gloss black. It contains four GoldenEar engineered 4.5" cast spiderleg-basket bass/midrange drivers with Multi-Vaned Phase-Plugs (MVPP) configured in a two-stage D’Appolito Array surrounding our signature High-Velocity Folded Ribbon high-frequency radiator. Two 4" x 7" quadratic planar low frequency radiators complete the driver complement, perfectly loading the bass/midrange drivers for open, boxless midrange and extended low-frequency response.

The SuperSat 60 and 60C’s very thin depth makes them perfect for wall mounting next to the latest super thin TVs. This is easily accomplished using the threaded inserts or keyhole mounts on the rear. Dual adjustable feet allow multiple angles when shelf-mounting the horizontal center-channel 60C. In addition, optional floor and tabletop stands are available for vertical mounting - note total height of speaker and floor stand is 48". Click here to read the Brochure.


SuperSat 60


SuperSat 60c


SuperSat 50/50C Satellite Speakers Overview

Satellite Speakers SuperSat 50Satellite Speakers SuperSat 50 LifestyleThe SuperSat 50 is a slim, 27” long, 2.5”-deep speaker which is available in both a vertical version (on-wall or on optional Table/Shelf or Floor stand) as well as a horizontal, center-channel-optimized version, the SuperSat 50C. Its powerful and dynamic output capabilities make it the ideal center channel for a Triton based theater system, as well as a perfect choice to go alongside a wall- or shelf-mounted flat screen. Of course, the 2.5” depth makes it a perfect on-wall match for the new generation of super thin flat screens.

Its cabinet is constructed from piano-gloss-black-finished aerospace-grade aluminum and contains two GoldenEar 4.5” cast basket bass/midrange drivers with Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP) configured in a D’Appolito array, surrounding the High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. Two 4”x 7” quadratic planar low-frequency radiators complete the driver complement. Wall mounting is easily accomplished using the threaded inserts or keyhole mounts on the rear, or table top using the optional smoked-glass Table/Shelf Stand 50, or even floor standing using the optional SuperStand Floor Stand - note total height of speaker and floor stand is 48". The horizontal SuperSat 50C center-channel version includes adjustable leveling feet allowing for multiple angles when shelf/table top mounting. Click here to read the Brochure.

SuperSat 50


SuperSat 50c

Satellite Speakers SuperSat 3  

SuperSat 3 Satellite Speakers Overview

Satellite Speaker Stands SuperSat 3

The SuperSat 3 is an elegantly curved, compact satellite speaker designed for use when very high-performance yet small size is desired. (It is also the ideal matching Surround/Rear speaker and on-wall Height channel speaker for any GoldenEar-based system.)  Four SuperSat 3s and one SuperSat 3C, combined with a ForceField 3 powered subwoofer, make up the superlative and award winning SuperCinema 3, a sub/sat 5.1 multichannel system.

As with all SuperSat satellite speakers, there is both a vertical model and a horizontal ("C") model which is optimized specifically for center-channel, or any horizontal, applications. The SuperSat 3’s svelte, 2.7” deep, 12” tall cabinet is constructed from a rigid, non-resonant marble-powder infused polymer and is finished in a gorgeous piano-gloss black.

The SuperSat 3 satellite speakers includes a stand for shelf mounting (shown, left); the SuperSat 3C includes an adjustable angling foot for ideal center channel positioning.  Both models incorporate a rear threaded insert as well as keyhole mount for wall mounting options. The Keyhole mount allows flat-on-the-wall mounting and the threaded insert can be used with our SuperSwivel universal bracket. Or, use the optional SuperStand Floor Stand - note total height of speaker and floor stand is 46". Click here to read the Brochure.

SuperSat 3


SuperSat 3c


SuperSat Satellite Speakers Accessories

Satellite Speaker Mounts - SuperStands

SuperStand 60, SuperStand 50 and SuperStand 3 Floorstands

The beautiful, stylish SuperStand floor and table stands for the SuperSat satellite speakers have a distinctive modern look. With their black, tempered-glass base and beautifully sculpted column, they have a form factor that perfectly compliments the shape and elegant style of the SuperSat satellite speakers. These unique and very attractive high-quality stands are the perfect answer when wall mounting is not an option. The SuperStand 3 is 33.5" tall, the SuperStand 50 is 21.5" tall, and the SuperStand 60 is 18.5" tall. The total height of the speakers on the floor stands is approximately 47".

Satellite Speaker Mounts Shelf/TableStands

Shelf/TableStand 60 and Shelf/TableStand 50

And when neither wall mounting or floorstands work for your setting, the optional SuperSat 50 and SuperSat 60 Table/Shelf Stands are the perfect solution. These sturdy and stylish Table/Shelf Stands look great with their black tempered-glass bases, the perfect match for your decor on a credenza or table top next to the latest generation of flat panel TV's.

Shelf/Table Stand 60


Shelf/Table Stand 50

Satellite Speaker Mounts SuperSwivel

SuperSwivel Satellite Speaker Mounts

The SuperSwivel™ is a universal swivel-type wall mount intended for use with GoldenEar Technology SuperSat® Speakers, 3D Array® Soundbars, or similar loudspeakers with 1/4-20 threaded receptacles. Each bracket can support up to 11 lbs (5.0 kg). Do not use a single bracket with any speaker weighing more than 11 lbs (5.0 kg). Use one (1) SuperSwivel™ brackets with the SuperSat 3, 3C, 50 and 60 (for vertical mounting). Use two (2) SuperSwivel™ brackets with the SuperSat 50C, 60C and the 3D Array Soundbars.





SuperSat Satellite Speakers Specifications


SuperSat 3/3C


SuperSat 50/50C


SuperSat 60/60C

Dimensions   12˝ (30.5 cm) H (W)
x 4-3/4˝ (12.1 cm) W (H)
x 2-3/4˝ (7 cm) D
  26-3/4˝ (68 cm) H (W)
x 4-3/4˝ (12.1 cm) W (H)
x 2-1/2˝ (6.4 cm) D

  35˝ (88.9 cm) H (W)
x 4-3/4˝ (12.1 cm) W (H)
x 2-3/4˝ (7 cm) D

Weight   Product: 5 lbs (2.3 kg) /
Shipping: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

  Product: 7 lbs (3.2 kg) /
Shipping: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)

  Product: 11 lbs (5 kg) /
Shipping: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

Frequency Response   80 Hz - 35 kHz

  60 Hz - 35 kHz   50 Hz - 35 kHz
Efficiency   92 dB

  92 dB   92 dB
Impedance   Nominal 4Ω (Compatible with 8Ω)   Nominal 4Ω (Compatible with 8Ω)

  Nominal 4Ω (Compatible with 8Ω)

Driver Complement   Two - 4-1/2˝ High-Definition Cast-Basket MVPP™
Mid/Bass Drivers

One - HVFR™ High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter

  Two - 4-1/2˝ High-Definition Cast-Basket MVPP™
Mid/Bass Drivers

Two - 4˝ x 7˝ Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators

One - HVFR™ High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter

  Four - 4-1/2˝ High-Definition Cast-Basket MVPP™
Mid/Bass Drivers

Two - 4˝ x 7˝ Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators

One - HVFR™ High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter

Recommended Amplification   20 - 200 watt/channel   20 - 200 watt/channel   20 - 300 watt/channel


State-of-the-art GoldenEar Technology Drivers


High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter (HVFR)   4_5 High-Definition Bass-Midrange Driver   Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator

High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter (HVFR)
4.5˝ High-Definition Bass/Midrange Driver
Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator (SuperSat 50/50C and 60/60C only)
  • Tweeter Diaphragm is a High Temperature Film
  • High-Power Neodymium Magnets
  • Squeezes/Pressurizes Air Instead of Pushing It
  • Greater Control, Smother More Extended Response
  • Vanishingly Low Distortion
  • Dramatically Improved Dynamic Range and Detail
  • Superb Dispersion Characteristics
  • GoldenEar Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP) Design
  • Rigid Free-Flow Cast-Basket Chassis
  • Proprietary Computer Optimized Cone Topology
  • High-Gauss Magnet Assembly
  • 1˝ High-Temperature Kapton Former Voice Coil
  • Extremely Extended Resonant-Free Liner Frequency Response Characteristics
  • Pressure-Coupled Loading Extends Usable Bass Performance
  • Performs Like a well-Tuned Transmission Line but with Superior transient Performance and Control

SuperSat Satellite Speakers Manual & Literature



Satellite Speakers SuperSat Series Manual Satellite Speakers SuperSat Brochure  
SuperSat Series Manual SuperSat Brochure  

SuperStands and SuperSwivel Manuals



Satellite Speakers SuperStand 60 Manual Satellite Speakers SuperStand 50 Manual Satellite Speakers SuperStand 3 Manual
SuperStand 60 Manual SuperStand 50 Manual SuperStand 3 Manual
Satellite Speaker Mounts Shelf/TableStand 60 Manual Satellite Speaker Mounts Shelf/TableStand 50 Manual Satellite Speaker Mounts SuperSwivel Manual
Shelf/TableStand 60 Manual Shelf/TableStand 50 Manual SuperSwivel Manual

SuperStand Satellite Speaker Stands  - Specifications


SuperStand 60


SuperStand 50


SuperStand 3


Stand 60


Stand 50

Dimensions   18-1/2˝ H
12-1/4˝ W x 10-5/8˝ D
  21-1/2˝ H
11-3/4˝ W x 10-1/4˝ D
  33-1/2˝ H
11-3/4˝ W x 10-1/4˝ D

8-7/8˝ W x 7-1/4˝ D
7-1/2˝ W x 5-3/4˝ D
Shipping Dimensions   18-3/4˝ H x 16˝ W
x 4-1/4˝ D
  21-3/4˝ H x 15˝ W
x 4-1/4˝ D
  33-3/4˝ H x 15˝ W
x 4-1/4˝ D

  9-1/2˝ H x 9-1/2˝ W
x 3˝ D
  8-1/4˝ H x 8˝ W
x 3˝ D
Shipping Weight   12 lbs/pair   12 lbs/pair   16 lbs/pair

  2 lbs/pair   2 lbs/pair

SuperSwivel Satellite Speaker Mounts  - Specifications









  3-3/4˝ x 2-3/16˝ x 3-1/2˝

Shipping Dimensions

  2-9/16˝ x 4-1/2˝ x 4˝

For Use With   SuperSat and
3D Array Models

Weight Capacity
(per bracket)

  11 lbs                
Weight   0.3 lb (product) /
0.7 lb (shipping)


TritonCinema System
Shown: SuperSat 3, SuperSat 3C, ForceField 3

SuperSat® SuperCinema Recommended System Components

The SuperCinema systems consist of a pair of SuperSat satellite speakers for Left/Right, a SuperSat "C" Model Center Channel, two or four SuperSat Models for Surrounds/Rears, two to four Invisa in-ceiling models for Atmos Height channels. and one or two ForceField or SuperSub Subwoofers. Any of the Invisa in-wall/in-ceiling models are also perfect as Surround/Rear speakers. These amazingly affordable and compact speaker systems have won many awards, including being selected by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) as the 2011 Design and Engineering award winner for Best Home Theater Speaker System! 

Every GoldenEar speaker model takes advantage of the extraordinary GoldenEar High‐Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) design tweeter. and GoldenEar’s ground‐breaking MVPP cast-basket upper bass/midrange drivers, The larger L/C/R systems are designed for use with screens 60" Dia. and over and are capable of prodigious output, even in large rooms. All the SuperSat models can be easily wall mounted using their keyhole mounts or their threaded inserts with an aftermarket swivel bracket, table-top stand mounted (optional on SuperSat 50 and SuperSat 60), or floor standing with their optional SuperStand floor stands.

See the list of popular system options below, click here for more on DESIGNING GOLDENEAR ATMOS SYSTEMS

SuperSat 3C, SuperSat 50C, SuperSat 60C

Aon 2, Aon 3, SuperSat 3, SuperSat 50, SuperSat 60, Invisa 525, Invisa 650, Invisa HTR 7000, Invisa MPX MultiPolar

ForceField 3ForceField 4ForceField 5, SuperSub X, SuperSub XXL

Invisa 525, Invisa 650, Invisa HTR 7000, SuperSat 3C 

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